How IPEF Supports You

Our TEAM IPEF charity runners make significant commitments of time, effort and funds. They deserve our support and IPEF does its best to deliver. We provide every TEAM IPEF runner (and walker!) :

  • The famous TEAM IPEF neon yellow Race Day T-shirts
  • Your personal Qgiv fundraising page for supporters to make online donations and for you to track your fundraising total
  • Easy, fun ideas for fundraising events to help reach the pledge amount
  • The TEAM IPEF Facebook group to keep up with news/announcements
  • The TEAM IPEF Info Guide which answers questions you may have and provides great training tips
  • The TEAM IPEF tent in charity village for pre/post race snacks, fun, and storage of personal gear
  • The famous ‘Spirit Squads’ to cheer on TEAM IPEF members
  • A post-race celebration convenient to the race finish area
TEAM IPEF by the Numbers

2023 TEAM IPEF Events

March 1 – Registration for Team IPEF 2023 Opens

May 15 – Deadline for Sponsorships

October 22 – Race Day!

Meet TEAM IPEF – Our ‘Charity Heroes’

Thank You! to these TEAM IPEF alumni runners who raised more than $1000 in a single season.

Michael AckermanSTEPS (2021)
Karen AltekruseHill Middle School (2017)
Jason AltenbernGombert Elementary (2015)
Brent AndersonSpring Brook Elementary (2018)
Lauren BaleskiSpring Brook Elementary (2019)
Beth BeedlesPatterson Elementary (2015, 2016)
Derrick BiehlPatterson Elementary (2018)
Renay BiehlFry Elementary (2015)
Kristine Black Prairie Children Preschool (2014, 2015)
Mary BlessingBrookdale Elementary (2015)
Venu CherukuriPeterson Elementary (2015)
Michael Chung Waubonsie Valley High School; IPSD 204 (2016, 2018)
Sharon CodyGraham Elementary (2015)
Martha ConwayPatterson Elementary (2015)
Cindy CozziBuilta Elementary (2019)
Julee DeGeusBrooks Elementary (2022)
Katie DeWyzeGregory Middle School (2018)
Kim DolanSpring Brook Elementary (2015, 2016)
Megan DoughertyWaubonsie Valley High School (2015)
Maggie DurkinSTEPS (2022)
Amanda EischenWhite Eagle Elementary (2021)
Jennifer HainsFischer Middle School (2020)
Heidi HairstonWelch Elementary (2018)
Carey Beth HarryStill Middle School (2015)
Amy HoffmannGregory Middle School (2016)
Kim HornGregory Middle School (2016)
Nancy FisterSteck Elementary (2014)
Karen FlemingGraham Elementary (2020)
Stacey Johnson Builta Elementary, Gregory Middle School, Neuqua Valley High School (2015, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020)
Josh KaminskyMetea Valley High School (2017)
Justin KarubasDistrict 204 (2021)
Krista KelchGombert Elementary (2015)
Jackie Kohorn Spring Brook Elementary (2014, 2017)
Mohan KumarMetea Valley High School (2017)
Steven Lome Peterson Elementary ( 2016, 2017)
Laura MacLeodYoung Elementary (2017)
Vivian MakropoulosGregory Middle School (2014)
Dawn MalartsikYoung Elementary (2015)
Jon MalartsikYoung Elementary (2015)
Roberto MaldonadoYoung Elementary (2018)
Bob McBride Neuqua Valley High School (2015, 2016, 2018)
Shelly Menendez Kendall Elementary (2017, 2018)
Lily MertesGeorgetown Elementary (2014)
Todd MertzNeuqua Valley High School (2015)
Heidi MillerPatterson Elementary (2017)
Ryan MorrisPatterson Elementary (2015)
Katie Opelt Brooks Elementary (2018, 2019, 2022)
Tina OrtinauStill Middle School (2018)
Penny OseBrooks Elementary (2022)
Harish PaiNeuqua Valley High School (2018)
Bill Perry STEPS, Wheatland (2018, 2019, 2020)
Janet PetruzziBuilta Elementary (2015)
Cathy PiehlIndian Plains (2016)
Stephenie Pittroff Welch Elementary (2018, 2019)
Elizabeth PohlmanSteck Elementary (2017)
Karen PopovichMetea Valley High School (2017)
Mike RaczakWatts Elementary (2015)
Susan RasmusMetea Valley High School (2016)
Mike RossiNeuqua Valley High School (2014)
Amy ScottStill Middle School (2015)
Nicole SharpeKendall Elementary (2022)
Patty SmithSTEPS (2014)
Stephen SpinelliWaubonsie Valley High School (2021)
Jason Stipp Waubonsie Valley High School (2014, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022)
Terry Sullivan Georgetown Elementary, Waubonsie Valley High School (2014, 2015, 2017)
Julie Tamburrino White Eagle Elementary (2018, 2019)
Mark ThompsonMetea Valley High School (2015)
Adreianne ToomeyNeuqua Valley High School (2019)
Rich Vine Longwood Elementary; Granger Middle School (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)
Carrie WujekGregory Middle School (2018, 2020, 2021)
Anthony YenchWaubonsie Valley High School (2019, 2020)
Thank You! to these 2023 TEAM IPEF  runners who joined us for Year 10.
Brookdale Elementary (2) Rachael Paul-Heinz (parent), Ali Tomczak (parent)
Brooks Elementary (3) Katy Opelt (staff), Penny Ose (staff), Hannah Scharff (staff)
Builta Elementary (1) Lisa Pagano (parent)
Clow Elementary ()
Cowlishaw Elementary ()
Crone Middle School ()
Fischer Middle School ()
Fry Elementary ()
Georgetown Elementary (1) Amy Melin (staff)
Gombert Elementary (2) Amanda Barger (staff), Laura Barreto (staff)
Graham Elementary ()
Granger Middle School ()
Gregory Middle School (5) Amy Delves (staff), Michelle Leibfried (staff), Mia,Olaszek (staff), Kevin Reagan (staff), Sandy Villarreal (staff)
Hill Middle School (1) Beth Piccininni (staff)
Kendall Elementary ()
Longwood Elementary ()
McCarty Elementary (1) Reynolds Cross (staff)
Metea Valley High School (2) Miyako Ono (parent), Trudie Ranson (parent)
Neuqua Valley High School (4) Brent Anderson (parent), Joann Buerstetta, (parent), Venu Cherukuri (parent), Dave Scriven-Young (parent)
Owen Elementary (1) Piyush Swain (parent)
Patterson Elementary ()
Peterson Elementary ()
Prairie Children Preschool (4) Kristine Black (staff), Kayla Lindow (staff), Sally Osborne, (staff), Cyndi Rice (staff)
Scullen Middle School (4) April Altott (staff), Monica Ploger (staff), Aaron Mueller (staff), Christopher Scheid (staff)
Spring Brook Elementary (1) Kim Dolan (staff)
Steck Elementary ()
STEPS (2) Sheri Baumgartner (staff), Laurie Donahue (community)
Still Middle School ()
Watts Elementary (2) Karen Altekruse (community), Sarah Charles (parent)
Waubonsie Valley High School (4) Carl Armstrong (staff), Jason Stipp (staff), Anthony Yench (community), Zachary Yench (alumni)
Welch Elementary (2) Carrie Blaine (parent), Vijay Ramanathan (community)
Wheatland Academy ()
White Eagle Elementary ()
Young Elementary ()
District 204 (2) Jeannie Dina (staff), Susan Taylor-Demming (community)