How IPEF Supports You

Our TEAM IPEF charity runners make significant commitments of time, effort and funds. They deserve our support and IPEF does its best to deliver. We provide every TEAM IPEF runner (and walker!) :

  • The famous TEAM IPEF neon yellow Race Day T-shirts
  • Your personal CherryFish fundraising page for supporters to make online donations and for you to track your fundraising total
  • Easy, fun ideas for fundraising events to help reach the pledge amount
  • The TEAM IPEF Facebook group to keep up with news/announcements
  • The TEAM IPEF Info Guide which answers questions you may have and provides great training tips
  • The TEAM IPEF tent in charity village for pre/post race snacks, fun and storage of personal gear
  • The famous ‘Spirit Squads’ to cheer on TEAM IPEF members
  • A post-race celebration convenient to the race finish area
TEAM IPEF by the Numbers

2021-22 TEAM IPEF Events

Events in January–May 2022

  • -
    School Resumes
  • -
    No School - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • -
    No School - SIP/Teacher Work Day
  • -
    No School - Presidents' Day
  • -
    No School - Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • -
    No School - Teacher Institute Day
  • -
    No School - Spring Break
  • -
    No School
  • -
    No School - SIP Day
  • -
    No School - Memorial Day
–   indicates IPEF Event. All other items are from IPSD204 calendar.
The Kids Marathon

Elementary and Middle School students can get in on the TEAM IPEF fun by participating in the Naperville Kids Marathon. The program challenges students ages 4-14 to run 25 miles over their summer break, one mile at a time. They keep track of their progress on a mileage log. Then, on Race Saturday in October, all student runners come together at Neuqua Valley High School to run their final 1.2 miles to complete their ‘marathon’, receive their race medal and celebrate their success.

Students who join TEAM IPEF for the Kids Marathon have the additional distinction of being a ‘charity hero’ for their school, as they pledge to raise $26 ($1 for every mile). They get a TEAM IPEF neon yellow shirt to wear for training, on Race Day and at school (how cool!). IPEF provides Race Day fun with treats, temporary tattoos and family photos. Most important, participating in TEAM IPEF teaches kids the importance of physical fitness, making healthy choices and supporting their school.

Healthy Driven Kids Marathon –  Watch for the future announcements from the Healthy Driven race officials to get them, and their friends, signed on for the running fun.

Meet TEAM IPEF – Our ‘Charity Heroes’

Thank You! to these TEAM IPEF alumni runners who raised more than $1000 in a single season.

Michael AckermanSTEPS (2021)
Karen AltekruseHill Middle School (2017)
Jason AltenbernGombert Elementary (2015)
Brent AndersonSpring Brook Elementary (2018)
Lauren BaleskiSpring Brook Elementary (2019)
Beth BeedlesPatterson Elementary (2015, 2016)
Derrick BiehlPatterson Elementary (2018)
Renay BiehlFry Elementary (2015)
Kristine Black Prairie Children Preschool (2014, 2015)
Mary BlessingBrookdale Elementary (2015)
Venu CherukuriPeterson Elementary (2015)
Michael Chung Waubonsie Valley High School; IPSD 204 (2016, 2018)
Sharon CodyGraham Elementary (2015)
Martha ConwayPatterson Elementary (2015)
Cindy CozziBuilta Elementary (2019)
Katie DeWyzeGregory Middle School (2018)
Kim DolanSpring Brook Elementary (2015, 2016)
Megan DoughertyWaubonsie Valley High School (2015)
Amanda EischenWhite Eagle Elementary (2021)
Jennifer HainsFischer Middle School (2020)
Heidi HairstonWelch Elementary (2018)
Carey Beth HarryStill Middle School (2015)
Amy HoffmannGregory Middle School (2016)
Kim HornGregory Middle School (2016)
Nancy FisterSteck Elementary (2014)
Karen FlemingGraham Elementary (2020)
Stacey Johnson Builta Elementary, Gregory Middle School, Neuqua Valley High School (2015, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020)
Josh KaminskyMetea Valley High School (2017)
Justin KarubasDistrict 204 (2021)
Krista KelchGombert Elementary (2015)
Jackie Kohorn Spring Brook Elementary (2014, 2017)
Mohan KumarMetea Valley High School (2017)
Steven Lome Peterson Elementary ( 2016, 2017)
Laura MacLeodYoung Elementary (2017)
Vivian MakropoulosGregory Middle School (2014)
Dawn MalartsikYoung Elementary (2015)
Jon MalartsikYoung Elementary (2015)
Roberto MaldonadoYoung Elementary (2018)
Bob McBride Neuqua Valley High School (2015, 2016, 2018)
Shelly Menendez Kendall Elementary (2017, 2018)
Lily MertesGeorgetown Elementary (2014)
Todd MertzNeuqua Valley High School (2015)
Heidi MillerPatterson Elementary (2017)
Ryan MorrisPatterson Elementary (2015)
Katie Opelt Brooks Elementary (2018, 2019)
Tina OrtinauStill Middle School (2018)
Harish PaiNeuqua Valley High School (2018)
Bill Perry STEPS, Wheatland (2018, 2019, 2020)
Janet PetruzziBuilta Elementary (2015)
Cathy PiehlIndian Plains (2016)
Stephenie Pittroff Welch Elementary (2018, 2019)
Elizabeth PohlmanSteck Elementary (2017)
Karen PopovichMetea Valley High School (2017)
Mike RaczakWatts Elementary (2015)
Susan RasmusMetea Valley High School (2016)
Mike RossiNeuqua Valley High School (2014)
Amy ScottStill Middle School (2015)
Patty SmithSTEPS (2014)
Stephen SpinelliWaubonsie Valley High School (2021)
Jason Stipp Waubonsie Valley High School (2014, 2018, 2019, 2021)
Terry Sullivan Georgetown Elementary, Waubonsie Valley High School (2014, 2015, 2017)
Julie Tamburrino White Eagle Elementary (2018, 2019)
Mark ThompsonMetea Valley High School (2015)
Adreianne ToomeyNeuqua Valley High School (2019)
Rich Vine Longwood Elementary; Granger Middle School (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)
Carrie WujekGregory Middle School (2018, 2020, 2021)
Anthony YenchWaubonsie Valley High School (2019, 2020)
Thank You! to these 2022 TEAM IPEF  runners who joined us for Year 9.
Brookdale Elementary ()
Brooks Elementary ()
Builta Elementary ()
Clow Elementary ()
Cowlishaw Elementary ()
Crone Middle School ()
Fischer Middle School ()
Fry Elementary ()
Georgetown Elementary ()
Gombert Elementary ()
Graham Elementary ()
Granger Middle School ()
Gregory Middle School ()
Hill Middle School ()
Kendall Elementary ()
Longwood Elementary ()
McCarty Elementary ()
Metea Valley High School ()
Neuqua Valley High School ()
Owen Elementary ()
Patterson Elementary ()
Peterson Elementary ()
Prairie Children Preschool ()
Scullen Middle School ()
Spring Brook Elementary ()
Steck Elementary ()
Still Middle School ()
Watts Elementary ()
Waubonsie Valley High School ()
Welch Elementary ()
Wheatland Academy ()
White Eagle Elementary ()
Young Elementary ()
District 204 ()
Thank You! to these 2021 TEAM IPEF  runners who joined us for Year 8.
Brookdale Elementary (23)
Mark Byram (parent), Tricia Fagiano (staff), Lisa Furstenau (staff), TJ Furstenau (staff family), Brittany Green-Silva (parent), Nikki Guerrero (parent), Megan Happ (parent), Alice Iwinski (staff), Carolyn Lenc (staff), Katie Palermo (staff), Diana Perotti (staff), Allen Sapoznik (staff), Anne Schmalandt (staff), C.J. Schmid (staff family), Keeley Schmid (staff), Andrew Schmidt (staff family), Kristin Scrima (staff), Leah Steinhauser-Walsh (staff), Karen Supel (staff), Swati Shenoy (parent), Jennifer Urban (parent), Gregory Walsh (staff family), Rebecca Yonan (parent)
Brooks Elementary (6)
Brittany Benjamin (staff), Julee DeGeus (staff), Katy Opelt (staff), Penny Ose (staff), Rick Ose (staff family), Karen Sullivan (staff)
Builta Elementary (3)
Pavithra Arun Kumar (parent), Jennifer Malinsky (parent), Lisa Pagano (parent),
Clow Elementary (3)
Angi Mosshammer (parent), Matt Ragusa (staff), Ryan Worsley (community member)
Cowlishaw Elementary (8)
Becky Allen (staff), Garrrett Allen (staff family), Carlos Azcoitia (staff), Danielle Culberson (staff), Lisa Haubert (staff), Katy Librizzi (parent), Scott Nickel (staff), Alison Tomczak (parent)
Crone Middle School (5)
Venu Cherukuri (parent), Cherukuri Murali (parent), Brian Hanna (staff family), Natalie Vlna (staff), Scott Vlna (staff family)
Fischer Middle School (5)
Rebecca Haas (staff), Jennifer Hains (parent), Cora McVey (staff family), Rhea McVey (staff), Nahvia Rehor-Jent (student)
Fry Elementary (1)
Erin Mongelli (staff)
Georgetown Elementary (5)
Natasha Grover (other), Supna Jain (other), Amy Melin (staff), Kari Norris (staff), Luke Rahtjen (staff)
Gombert Elementary (4)
Sarah Anderson (parent), Amanda Barger (staff), Blanca Roberts (staff), Natashia Waramit (staff)
Graham Elementary (3)
Karen Fleming (parent), Kyle Latus (parent), Emma Rendek (staff)
Granger Middle School (9)
Doug Drmolka (staff), Jason Dyhouse (staff), Nick Hurd (other), Dawn Malartsik (parent), Jon Malartsik (parent), Josh Malartsik (student), Dwight Nelson (staff), Mary Wiora (staff), William Wong (parent)
Gregory Middle School (15)
Brent Anderson (parent), Emily Baranowsky (parent), Esther Bevan (staff), Ana Burnopp (staff), Matt Clark (staff), Jennifer Diamond (staff), Anis Isahak (parent), Michelle Leibfried (staff), Leslie Mitchell (staff), Laurie Niemeier (staff), Marie Olaszek (staff), Kevin Reagan (staff), Dustin Ryan (staff family), Jennifer Wikoff (staff), Carrie Wujek (staff)
Hill Middle School (8)
Patty Brand (staff), Loni Fazio (staff), Alison Hannon (parent), Brian Hannon (parent), Beth Piccininni (staff), Julie Ridgeway (staff), Laura Shum (staff), Kristine Soderholm (staff)
Kendall Elementary (7)
Jenny Horsey (staff), Rhonda Jenkins (staff), Breah Jerger (staff & parent), Amy Morton (staff), Nicole Sharpe (staff), Bryan Summers (parent), Aditi Vyas (staff)
Longwood Elementary (2)
Dara Pumphrey-Ruiz (parent), Betty Slater (staff)
McCarty Elementary (9)
Reynolds Cross (staff), Cecelia Jones (parent), Patrick Lee (staff), Heather Marzano (parent), Elisa Menis (staff), Dina Schnable (staff family), Kevin Schnable (staff), Rafael Segarra (staff), Nicole Tanhueco (parent)
Metea Valley High School (7)
Darrell Echols (staff), Kristen Flanders (parent), Susan Fuhrer (staff), Miyako Ono (staff), Trudie Ranson (parent), Glen Schneider (staff), Shrirang Telang (parent)
Neuqua Valley High School (27)
Jacqueline Burns (staff), Ritu Bathla (other), Kerry Cahill (staff), Anika Chandola (student), Brendan Cullen (parent), Lance Fuhrer (staff), Aaron Haber (staff), Keely Hanley-Anshel (parent), Katie Kreutzer (staff), Mark Loehrke (parent), Jonathan Lauff (staff), Julie Many (staff), Terri Nauman (parent), Scott Oliver (staff), Aparna Pai (community), Harish Pai (alumni), Nick Palmer (parent), Vijay Ramanathan (parent), Yuliya Rashevska (parent), Kristen Sarcu (staff), David Scriven-Young (parent), Tony Serna (parent), Sue Streul (parent), Adrianne Toomey (staff), James Toomey (parent), Ail Wachtel (parent), Melissa Wilson (staff)
Owen Elementary (2)
Ken Bonomo (staff), Piyush Swain (parent)
Patterson Elementary (4)
Kathleen Coffey (staff), Kathleen Gill (staff), Dennis Haile (staff family), Valerie Neumann (parent)
Peterson Elementary (2)
Allison Landstrom (staff), Shawn Lapetino (parent)
Prairie Children Preschool (10)
Kristine Black (staff), Hilda Cabrera (staff), Kara Dendrinos (staff), Mindy Donovan (staff), John Gibbs (alumni), Jennifer Lessen (staff), Kayla Lindow (staff), Bernice Munoz (staff), David Munoz (staff family), Sally Osborne (staff)
Scullen Middle School (12)
April Altott (staff), Joann Buerstetta (parent), Jennifer Cushing (staff), Courtney DiFiore (staff), Scott Hurley (parent), Cate Loughrige (staff family), Scott Loughrige (staff), Stephanie Maertzig (staff), Aaron Mueller (staff), Beth Parker (staff), Monica Ploger (staff), Christopher Scheid (staff)
Spring Brook Elementary (3)
Kim Dolan (staff), Heather Eden (staff), Joe Mills (staff)
Steck Elementary (2)
Nancy Fister (staff), Monika Kelly (staff)
Dwain Ackerman (community), Michael Ackerman (staff), Felicia Akman (staff), Laurie Donahue (other), Grace Galecki (community), Shelly Menendez (parent)
Still Middle School (4)
Stephanie Burdiak (staff), Laura Georgias (staff), Tina Ortinau (staff), Ted Zimmerman (staff family)
Watts Elementary (4)
Glen Castro (parent), Sarah Charles (parent), Amy Schultz (staff), Sukanda Thanakijlurskool (parent)
Waubonsie Valley High School (17)
Imaan Ali (student), Andrea Collier (community), Tom Baumgartner (staff), Adam Dyche (staff), Jacqueline Hill Gomez (staff), Amy Ramer Holmes (parent), Jackie Horvath (other), Beth Krasowski (staff), Arjun Nair (student), Patrick Ramer (student), Roy Ramer (parent), Stephen Spinelli (staff), Jason Stipp (staff), Terry Sullivan (community), Ryan VanKampen (staff), Eric Wilen (parent), Anthony Yench (community)
Welch Elementary (4)
Arnab Bose (parent), Lynn Domek (staff), Lety Soto Quitian (parent), Jagrutiben Thakkar (parent)
Wheatland Academy (1)
Cathy Piehl (community)
White Eagle Elementary (16)
Brandy Bushby (staff), Johnathan Chernick (parent), Vicky Chow (staff), Samantha Contursi (staff), Linda DeGurian (staff), Amanda Eischen (staff), Robert Glickman (parent), Sandra Horst (staff), Jennifer Kokes (staff), Jenny Nulicek (parent), Mike Nulicek (parent), Arindam Sarkar (parent), Poornima Sarkar (parent), Jamie Styrczula (staff), Julie Tamburrino (staff), Tina Theis (staff)
Young Elementary (4)
Madhu Bevini (parent), Karina Lebensorger (staff), Tanya Shea (staff), Jenna Steinke (staff)
District 204 (7)
Jessica Bogie (staff), Susan Demming (other), Allison Fosdick (other), Justin Karubas (other), Rod Mack (staff), Adrian Talley (staff), Mark Rising (parent)
Thank You! to these 2020 TEAM IPEF ‘virtual’ runners who raised a total of $65,090 for IPSD204 students.
Brookdale Elementary (7)
Allen Sapoznik (staff), Anne Schmalandt (staff), CJ Schmid (staff family), Keeley Schmid (staff), Greg Walsh (staff family), Leah Walsh (staff), Rebecca Yonan (parent)
Brooks Elementary (8)
Shruti Harish (parent), Marycate Hines (staff), Katy Opelt (staff), Penny Ose (staff), Rick Ose (staff family), Nicholas Psaros (parent), Terri Russell (staff)
Builta Elementary (8)
Emily Baranowsky (parent), Cynthia Cozzi (parent), Kate Erickson (parent), Julie Hartje (staff), Laura Johnston (staff), Pavithra Arun Kumar (parent), Lisa Pagano (parent), Cortney Webb (parent)
Clow Elementary (11)
Ron Andrews (staff), Katie Bennett (staff), Anis Isahak (parent), Cristina Kenny (staff), Elaine Ludens (staff), Eric Mackowiak (staff), Pam Moga (staff), Amanda Montano (parent), Mary Ragusa (parent), Ixta Rosa (parent), Courtney Srum (staff)
Cowlishaw Elementary (6)
Becky Allen (staff), Garrett Allen (staff family), Robin Halicki (staff), Scott Nickel (staff), Christy Rustemeyer (staff), Alison Tomczak (parent)
Crone Middle School (26)
Matthew Blaser (staff), Yanning Cai (parent), Venu Cherukuri (parent), Adam Chorba (staff), Svetlana Concannon (staff), Kameron Couch (staff family), Kristopher Couch (staff family), Melissa Couch (staff), Xiaoling Gan (parent), Allison Geers (staff), Rosana Girald (parent), Keely Hanley-Anshel (parent), Megan Hechler (other), Beth Highland (staff), Steve Highland (staff family), Justin Karubas (parent), Kibbee Lewis (staff), Mark Loehrke (parent), Kanchana Mendes (parent), Shelly Menendez (parent), Jennie Mevoli (staff), Poikaipakkam Murali (parent), Susan Streuhl (parent), Natalie Vlna (staff), Scott Vlna (staff family), Mary Yockey (staff)
Fischer Middle School (9)
Suzanne Alexa (other), Jessica Bogie (staff), Andy Dailing (staff), Michelle Dailing (staff family), Rebecca Haas (staff), Jennifer Hains (parent), Sherry Krev (staff), Jane McCormick (staff), Beth Myers (staff)
Fry Elementary (9)
Zachary Delaney (parent), Lisa Dugger (staff), Arjun Gupta (staff), Erin Mongelli (staff), Jennifer Nied (parent), Beth Rosa (staff), Vipuj Shah (parent), Kelli Sondker (staff), Zeus Spagnola (student)
Gombert Elementary (4)
Sarah Anderson (staff), Amanda Barger (staff), Kerry Bohan (staff), Natashia Waramit (staff)  
Graham Elementary (7)
Julia Cunningham (staff), Karen Fleming (parent), Kristin Kirchner (parent), Patrick Kirchner (parent), Kyle Latus (parent), Nicola Latus (parent), Matt Skindzier (parent)
Granger Middle School (12)
Douglas Drmolka (staff), Anagha Khanolkar (parent), Laura MacLeod (parent), Dawn Malartsik (parent), Jon Malartsik (parent), Bradley Nedza (staff), Mike Purcell (parent), Trudie Ranson (parent), Jessica Walsh (staff), Ashley Ward (student), Brett Ward (parent), Mary Wiora (staff)
Gregory Middle School (8)
Brent Anderson (parent), Nicole Anetsberger (staff), Esther Bevan (staff), Ravi Duvvuri (parent), Marie Olaszek (staff), Kevin Reagan (staff), Jen Wikoff (staff), Carrie Wujek (staff)
Hill Middle School (3)
Michael Raczak(other), Miriam Raczak (other), Julie Ridgeway (staff)
Kendall Elementary (14)
Joy Anderson (staff), Kristy Brown (staff), Elizabeth Corp (staff), Jenny Horsey (staff), Rhonda Jenkins (staff), Breah Jerger (staff), Brittany Johnson (staff), Stuti Kumar (staff), Amy Morton (staff), Jenny Neufeld (staff), Samantha Patino (staff), Nicole Sharpe (staff), Bryan Summers (parent), Kimberly Wahl (staff)
Longwood Elementary (14)
Susan Aarseth (staff), Ava Allen (parent), Linda Boddy(staff),  Charli Collins (staff), Elizabeth Kluge (staff), Jacki Knowles (staff), Heather Newton (staff), Robin Magers (staff), Amy Murphy (staff), Leslie Podeszwa (staff), Ernesto Raya (staff), Tania Rogers (staff), Betty Slater (staff), Linda Young (staff)
McCarty Elementary (2)
Judie Caribeaux (community), Lou Petritz (community)
Metea Valley High School (6)
Rajesh Char (parent), Kristen Flanders (parent), Susan Fuhrer (staff), Miyako Ono (parent), Patty Samojedny (parent), Shrirang Telang (parent)
Neuqua Valley High School (33)
Michele Adams (parent), Ritu Bathla (other), Erin Brambilla (staff), Kerry Cahill (staff), Mark Cummings (staff), Katie DeWyze (staff), Alexandra Escobar (staff), Lance Fuhrer (staff), Christopher George (parent), Laurel George (parent), Heidi Habas (staff), Stacey Johnson (parent), Kristen Kinell (staff), Mandy Kontos (staff), Anu Kulkarni (community), Jonathan Lauff (staff), Karen Lawson (staff family), Julie Many (staff), Kathleen Matt (staff), Tim McCoskey (staff),  Terri Nauman (parent), Aparna Pai (community), Ganesh Pai (community), Harish Pai (community), Latha Pai (alumni), David Perry (staff), Matthew Ragusa (other), Vijay Ramanathan (parent), Gina Reese-Wesseln (staff), John Tomczak (community), Adrianne Toomey (staff), Jim Toomey (staff family), Melissa Wilson (staff)
Owen Elementary (1)
Piyush Swain (parent)
Patterson Elementary (9)
Beth Beedles (staff), Derrick Biehl (staff), Kathleen Coffey (staff), Martha Conway (staff), Michael Conway (staff family), Evelyn Fisher (staff family), Heidi Miller (staff), Valerie Neumann (parent), Carolyn Shaw (staff)
Peterson Elementary (6)
Kim Cagwin (staff), Allison Landstrom (staff), Shawn Lapetino (parent), Neha Patodia (parent), Jennifer Trestler (parent), Rachel Witkowski (parent)
Prairie Children Preschool (13)
Kristen Rasche (parent), Kristine Black (staff), Kelly Coyle (parent), Spencer Coyle (parent), Kara Dendrinos (staff), Mindy Donovan (staff), Jamie Kamphuis (staff), Jennifer Lessen (staff), Kayla Lindow (staff), Bernice Munoz (staff), Sally Osborne (staff), Cyndi Rice (staff), Amy Schultz (staff)
Scullen Middle School (17)
April Altott (staff), Rashmi Basiyani (parent), Joann Buerstetta (parent), Jennifer Cushing (staff), Courtney DiFiore (staff), Kristin Grapenthien (staff), Monisha Kalra (staff), Cate Loughrige (staff Family), Scott Loughrige (staff), Stephanie Maertzig (staff), Aaron Mueller (staff), Bethany Parker (staff), Joe Parratore (staff), Monica Ploger (staff), Christopher Scheid (staff), Robin Schmidt (parent), Jason Wyman (parent)
Spring Brook Elementary (5)
Kim Dolan (staff), Heather Eden (staff), Joe Mills (staff), Sheetal Nayak (other), Megan Zoellner (staff)
Steck Elementary (3)
Nancy Fister (staff), Monika Kelly (staff), Ajeeta Sen (parent)
Michael Ackerman (staff), Felicia Akman (staff), Laurie Donahue (other), Ed Garcia (parent), Seema Goel (staff), Carey Beth Harry (staff), Allie Maloney (staff Family), Kurt Simpson (staff), Sue Tomlin (parent)
Still Middle School (5)
Stephanie Burdiak (staff), Charles Davis (parent), Steve Farmer (parent), Tina Ortinau (staff), Ted Zimmerman (staff family)
Watts Elementary (1)
Glen Castro (parent)
Waubonsie Valley High School (18)
Peter Barnard (parent), Adam Dyche (staff), Jacqueline Hill (staff), Jackie Horvath (other), Sailaja Jammula (parent), Beth Krasowski (staff), Arjun Nair (student), Patrick Ramer (student), Roy Ramer (parent), Amy Ramer-Holmes (parent), Alex Rentner (staff), Jason Schmidtgall (staff), Stephen Spinelli (staff), Jason Stipp (staff), Ryan VanKampen (staff), Michelle Wicyk (staff), Eric Wilen (parent), Anthony Yench (parent)
Welch Elementary (1)
Soto Quitian (parent)
Wheatland Academy (3)
Natasha Grover (other), William Perry (community), Cathy Piehl (other)
White Eagle Elementary (15)
Vicky Chow (staff), Samantha Contursi (staff), Amanda Eischen (staff), Robert Glickman (parent), Sandra Horst (staff), Leah Kittl (staff), Linda Kramer (staff), Kelly McShea (staff), Priya Nair (parent), Carolyn Scott (staff), Jamie Styrczula (staff), Julie Tamburrino (staff), Tina Theis (staff), Dawn Vieira (staff), Julie Voaden-Wanda (staff)
Young Elementary (5)
Madhu Bevini (parent), Karina Lebensorger (staff), Ramesh Nekkanti (parent), Catherine Ng (parent), Anthony Pape (staff)
District 204 (3)
Susan Demming (other), Jason Kierna (other), Mark Rising (other)
Thank You! to these 2019 TEAM IPEF  runners who raised a total of $205,600 for IPSD204 students.
Brookdale Elementary (13)
Megan Baldwin (staff), Alice Iwinski (staff), Dawn Langenkamp (staff), Mary Luka (staff), Liz Oliver (staff), Diana Perotti (staff), Allen Sapoznik (staff), Leah Steinhauser-Walsh (staff), Karen Supel (staff), Gregory Walsh (staff spouse), Adam Wegrzyn (staff spouse), Jenny Wegrzyn (staff), Rebecca Yonan (parent)
Brooks Elementary (20)
Elaine Archery (staff), Wesley Benjamin (staff spouse), Brittany Brueske (staff), Renee Golminas (staff), Marycate Hines (staff), Jane Johnson (staff), Laura Kloster (staff), Katy Opelt (staff), Penny Ose (staff), Kelly Powell (staff), Nicholas Psaros (parent), Alex Russell (community), Terri Russell (staff), CJ Schmid (staff spouse), Keeley Schmid (staff), Maureen Sharpe (parent), Julie South (staff), Karen Sullivan (staff), Jessica Svitak (staff), Maria Walther (staff)
Builta Elementary (9)
Jennie Blackburn (parent), Cynthia Cozzi (parent), Kate Erickson (parent), Laura Johnston (staff), Pavithra Arun Kumar (parent), Lisa Pagano (parent), Laura Qualtier (parent), Andy Wojcik (staff spouse), Jodi Wojcik (staff)
Clow Elementary (19)
Ron Andrews (staff), Katie Bennett (staff), Shawn Bright (other), Helene Caliva (staff), Monica Carstens (staff), Nicole Fader (staff), Aileen Hannigan (staff), Ryan Henry (staff), Anis Isahak (parent), Elaine Ludens (staff), Molly Mackey (staff), Anthony Matteucci (parent), Erika Matteucci (parent), Samantha Mocarski (staff), Pam Moga (staff), Victoria Mulacek (staff), Angie Notariano (staff), Vykunthan Vishva (parent), Donna Weston (staff)
Cowlishaw Elementary (19)
Stephanie Acevedo (staff), Becky Allen (staff), Garrett Allen (staff spouse), Tyisha Brown (staff), Robin Halicki (staff), Lisa Haubert (staff), Joseph Kirchgassner (parent), Shailender Manikya (parent), Sahishnu Mithran (parent), Scott Nickel (staff), Matthew Nordstrom (staff spouse), Tera Nordstrom (staff), Therese Nordstrom (other), Lauren Pendleton (parent), Kathryn Sander (staff), Aleksandar Stojanov (parent), Bruce VanderLaan (staff spouse), Lindsay VanderLaan (staff), Bob Welch (parent)
Crone Middle School (47)
Laura Bartos (staff), Matthew Blaser (staff), Doreen Booth (parent), Venu Cherukuri (parent), Adam Chorba (staff), Svetlana Concannon (staff), Kristopher Couch (staff spouse), Melissa Couch (staff), Dennis Damiani (community), Sarah Damiani (staff), Kristin Druwe (staff), Sheri Fioresi (other), Susan Forcash (staff), Heath Gerdes (parent), Stacy Gerdes (parent), Rosana Girald (parent), Pete Gleason (parent), Keely Hanley-Anshel (parent), Margaret Hargrove (parent), Megan Hechler (other), Cristy Hefner (staff), Beth Highland (staff), Steve Highland (staff spouse), Bryan Jenkins (staff), Justin Karubas (other), Mark Loehrke (parent), John Menendez (parent), Shelly Menendez (parent), Jennie Mevoli (staff), Brad Miller (staff spouse), Kim Miller (staff), Amy Modzelewski (staff), Poikaipakkam Murali (parent), Susan O’Donnell (parent), John Quirk (staff spouse), Rebecca Quirk (staff), Jennifer Ramaker (parent), Brittany Russell (parent), Dave Scriven-Young (parent), Daniel Shields (staff), Kim Smiley (staff), Susan Streul (parent), Kelly Summers (alumni), Jim Thormeyer (parent), Natalie Vlna (staff), Aili Wachtel (parent), Mary Yockey (staff)
Fischer Middle School (19)
Jessica Bogie (staff), Andy Dailing (staff), Michelle Dailing (staff spouse), Valentina Dimitrova (staff), Rebecca Haas (staff), Jennifer Hains (parent), Pamela Hammer (staff), Robin Hasemann (staff), Kamran Jamil (parent), Sharon Kennedy (staff), Katey Kollereb (staff), Ryan Kollereb (staff spouse), Sherry Krev (staff), Bethany Lugay (staff), Jane McCormick (staff), Beth Myers (staff), Morgan Nadler (alumni), Allison Rider (staff), Veronica Roman-Meyer (staff)
Fry Elementary (15)
Jeffrey Allsteadt (parent), Melissa Allsteadt (parent), Kristina Aniolowski (staff), Sara Dalan (staff), Lisa Dugger (staff), Ginny Ehlers (staff), Arjun Gupta (staff), Nina Hofmeister (staff), Brian Kulak (staff), Joan Mills (staff), Erin Mongelli (staff), Beth Rosa (staff), Kelli Sondker (staff), Jamie Yocum (staff), Amber Zion (staff)
Georgetown Elementary (4)
Julee DeGeus (staff), Kristin Fletcher (staff), Elisa Menis (staff), Luke Rahtjen (staff)
Gombert Elementary (4)
Amanda Pratscher (parent), Christina Messerschmidt (staff), Heather Reyes (parent), Natashia Waramit (staff)
Graham Elementary (9)
Julia Cunningham (staff), Debbie Fisher (staff), Xiaoling Gan (parent), Kristin Kirchner (parent), Patrick Kirchner (parent), Stephanie Melone (parent), Brooke Morgano (staff), Greg Moss (staff), Darlene Stone (staff)
Granger Middle School (12)
Vimochan Cheethirala (parent), Doug Drmolka (staff), Ginne Gates (staff), Dawn Malartsik (parent), Jon Malartsik (parent), Dwight Nelson (staff), Michael Purcell (parent), Trudie Ranson (parent), Shrirang Telang (parent), Rich Vine (staff), Jessica Walsh (alumni), Mary Wiora (staff)
Gregory Middle School (31)
Brent Anderson (parent), Sarah Anderson (parent), Nicole Anetsberger (staff), Katherine Battle (staff), Jill Beauregard (staff), Esther Bevan (staff), Meghan Brazel (staff), Joel Bruder (staff spouse), Lauri Bruder (staff), Ana Burnopp (staff), Donna Carter (other), Leanne Carter (other), Matt Clark (staff), Fred Cozzi (parent), Katie DeWyze (staff), Kelly Dimidik (staff), Claire Fenton (staff), Glenda Gustafson (staff), Rebecca Koehler (staff), Michelle Leibfried (staff), Chris Mitchell (staff spouse), Leslie Mitchell (staff), Natalie Mitchell (other), Marie Olaszek (staff), Kevin Reagan (staff), Trina Werner (parent), Brooke Wikoff (other), Carter Wikoff (other), Jen Wikoff (staff), Matt Wikoff (staff spouse), Carrie Wujek (staff)
Hill Middle School (9)
Patricia Brand (staff), Anne O’Neil (staff), Miyako Ono (parent), Michael Raczak(other), Miriam Raczak (staff), Julie Ridgeway (staff), Heidi Rogers (staff), Debra Simpson (staff), Kristine Soderholm (staff)
Indian Plains High School (2)
Cathy Piehl (community), Lou Petritz (community)
Kendall Elementary (16)
Anne Breeden (staff), Yanning Cai (parent), Melanie Dale (staff), Ardis Hatcher (staff), Heather Heppner (parent), Jenny Horsey (staff), Rhonda Jenkins (staff), Brittany Johnson (Staff), Jennifer Mihalakakos (staff), Amy Morton (staff), Jenny Neufeld (staff), Samantha Patino (staff), Amanda Peters (staff), Nicole Sharpe (staff), Bryan Summers (parent), Kimberly Wahl (staff)
Longwood Elementary (8)
Judie Caribeaux (community), Charli Collins (staff), Jared Folley (staff), Laura Johnston (staff), Heather Newton (staff), Tracey Ratner (staff), Rafael Segarra (staff), Betty Slater (staff)
McCarty Elementary (24)
Irina Anghel (parent), Anne Boeselager (staff), Anne Valentina Bolger (staff), Jeannie Brooks (staff), Tina Brooks (staff), Denise Cooney-Olek (staff), Caroline Dunlevy (parent), Pam Elliott (staff), Ashley Kampf (staff), Kerry Klaeren (staff), Kim Ligeski (staff), Beverly Lighthall (staff), Jennifer Maginity (staff), Dave McCue (parent), Jeff Newton (parent), Rose O’Toole (staff), Dina Schnable (staff spouse), Kevin Schnable (staff), Laurie Schuh (staff), Caroline Volz (staff), Dan Watts (staff spouse), Dana Watts (staff)
Metea Valley High School (10)
Kelly Coyle (parent), Spencer Coyle (parent,), Tammy Davidson (staff), Kristen Flanders (parent), Susan Fuhrer (staff), Henry Hill (parent), Josh Kaminsky (staff), Patty Samojedny (parent), Richard Schlesinger (parent), Glen Schneider (staff)
Neuqua Valley High School (14)
Lance Fuhrer (staff), Christopher George (parent), Stacey Johnson (parent), Rishi Kothari (parent), Jonathan Lauff (staff), Pat Lewis (parent), Jacob Nauman (student), Terri Nauman (parent), Aparna Pai (community), Harish Pai (community), Vijay Ramanathan (parent), John Tomczak (other), Adrianne Toomey (staff), Myra Vega-Soto (parent)
Owen Elementary (4)
Tanya Kreger (parent), Erin Miller (parent), Danielle Kuglin Seago (parent), Phil Switt (parent)
Patterson Elementary (12)
Courtney Abrahamovich (staff), Derrick Biehl (staff), Beth Beedles (staff), Kathleen Coffey (staff), Martha Conway (staff), Mike Conway (parent), Evelyn Fisher (staff), Kathleen Gill (staff), Heidi Miller (staff), Valerie Neumann (parent), Carolyn Shaw (staff), Jennifer Wujciga (staff)
Peterson Elementary (11)
Kim Cagwin (staff), Julia Choi (other), Helen Jeong (parent), Allison Landstrom (staff), Shawn Lapetino (parent), Steven Lome (parent), Saurabh Mehta (staff), Persis Sidhwa (staff), Jennifer Trestler (parent), Julie Washburn (staff), Rachel Witkowski (staff)
Prairie Children Preschool (18)
Kristine Black (staff), Cathleen Czaplewski (staff), Kara Dendrinos (staff), Mindy Donovan (staff), George Dwyer (parent), Crystal Ellman (staff), Cindy Frech (staff), John Gibbs (staff), Jamie Kamphuis (staff), Jennifer Lessen (staff), Kayla Lindow (staff), Bernice Munoz (staff), Joseph Nalluru (staff), Sally Osborne (staff), Carrie Palagi (staff), Renee Preston (staff), Cyndi Rice (staff), Amy Schultz (staff)
Scullen Middle School (35)
April Altott (staff), Joann Buerstetta (parent), Amy Cassidy (staff), Lai Yen Chen (parent), Colleen Cozzi (staff), Jennifer Cushing (staff), Raj Damera (parent), Dina Esposito (staff) Thomas Edmond (other), Laurel George (parent), Heidi Hairston (parent), Ava Harvey (student), Kennedy Harvey (student), Steve Harvey (parent), Scott Hurley (parent), Shawna Kral (staff), Ian Lome (student), Jadyn Lome (student), Scott Loughrige (staff), Stephanie Maertzig (staff), Catherine Malone (staff), Samantha Morley (staff), Aaron Mueller (staff), Daniela Palumbo (staff), Bethany Parker (staff), Joe Parratore (staff), Mark Philipp (staff), Taylor Pierce (alumni), Ella Pizza (student), Monica Ploger (staff), Tricia Richards (staff), Christopher Scheid (staff), Robin Schmidt (parent), Liyu You (parent), Nicole Zaccaria (staff)
Spring Brook Elementary (18)
Lauren Baleski (staff), Jennifer Christy (staff), Kim Dolan (staff), La Tonya Forrester (staff), Kristin Gibbs (parent), Ryan Hurley (staff), Jennifer Jansen-DiNello (staff), Jill Koebrich (staff), Katie Konecki (staff), Kaitlyn Kurtzwell (staff), Joseph Mills (staff), Nags Rajaram (parent), Katelyn Sims (staff), Jodi Wagner (staff), Julie Yim (parent), Patrick Zielinski (staff spouse), Victoria Zielinski (staff), Megan Zoellner (staff)
Steck Elementary (12)
Nancy Fister (staff), Monika Kelly (staff), Uzma Khalid (parent), Joseph Kwiatkowski (staff), Erica Malloy (staff), Jennifer McAtee (staff), Tom Noesen (staff spouse), Meghan O’Connor (other), Chad Pohlmann (staff spouse), Elizabeth Pohlmann (staff), Tim Ruxton (parent), Randy Sidio (parent)
Dwain Ackerman (other), Michael Ackerman (staff), Felicia Akman (staff), Bill Perry (community), Carrie Gasik (parent)
Still Middle School (28)
Stephanie Burdiak (staff), Amy Coleman (staff), Jessica Conlon (staff), Kimmer Cornish (staff), Donna Davis (staff), Jennifer Fehrmann (staff), Agnieszka Fisher (parent), Linda Fortt (staff), Colin Harris (other), Doug Holmes (parent), Michelle Johnson (staff), Panagiota Kollias (staff), John Lay (staff), Tina Ortinau (staff), Dotun Oyedijo (parent), Andrea Palmer (staff), Angie Plude (parent), Patrick Ramer (other), Amy Ramer-Holmes (parent), Jay Ryan (parent), Ami Schleining (staff), Aswini Shankar (parent), Kristin Shaw (staff), Piyush Swain (parent), Christine Webber (staff), Katherine Wickert (staff), Ted Zimmerman (staff spouse), Lindsay Zwettler (staff)
Watts Elementary (3)
Glen Castro (parent), Katie Drone (staff), Kristyn Moroz (parent)
Waubonsie Valley High School (20)
Pramod Aggarwal (parent), Peter Barnard (parent), Bridget Beacom (student), Jean Beacom (parent), Joel Brens (staff), Adam Dyche (staff), Steve Farmer (parent), Vildan Gorener (parent), Jacqueline Hill (staff), Jackie Horvath (staff), Krista Kelch (parent), Arjun Nair (student), Sabrina Nunziati (staff), Jason Schmidtgall (staff), Carolyn Schur (parent), Jason Stipp (staff), Terry Sullivan (community), Ryan VanKampen (staff), Jason Wyman (parent), Anthony Yench (parent)
Welch Elementary (11)
Arnab Bose (parent), Lynn Domek (staff), Lori Galbraith (parent), Gina Getting (staff), Natasha Grover (parent), Jennifer Kolb (staff), Jenny Peck (parent), Rob Pittroff (parent), Stephenie Pittroff (parent), Kelli Vantine (staff), Maria Varnasidis-Trujillo (staff)
White Eagle Elementary (45)
Nikhil Agashe (parent), Brandy Bushby (staff), Kevin Cade (parent), Johnathan Chernick (parent), Christopher Chow (community), Vicky Chow (staff), Samantha Contursi (staff), Linda DeGurian (staff), Jennifer Dusek (staff), Amanda Eischen (staff), Jean Marie Evans (staff), Jacki Gerard (staff), Lindsey Ghosn (staff), Robert Glickman (parent), Marie Hart (staff), Claire Hathorne (staff), Heather Hayes (staff), Sandra Horst (staff), Paula Jackson (staff), Matt Johnson (staff), Jennifer Kokes (staff), Heather Korn (staff), Timothy Krahenbuhl (staff), Linda Kramer (staff), Lesleigh Lawrence (parent), Shannon Lydon (staff), Kathryn Magnuson (staff), Heather McEneany (parent), Kelly McShea (staff), Courtney Morrison (staff), Diedre Pappas (staff), Michael Parker (other), Michelle Poll (staff), James Porter (parent), Tracy Ruprich (staff), Poornima Sarkar (parent), Jamie Styrczula (staff), Kelly Talaga (parent), Tyler Talaga (student), Julie Tamburrino (staff), Amy True (staff), Layla Van Simaeys (parent), Dawn Vieira (staff), Julie Voaden-Wanda (staff), Vikas Yellamraju (parent)
Young Elementary (22)
Robert Bell (staff), Madhu Bevini (parent), Sirisha Burugula (parent), Baljinder Chouhan (other), Matthew Cooper (staff), Michael Cox (student), Griselda Delgado (staff), Karina Derhake (staff), Terona Haley (staff), Kim Lally (staff), Laura MacLeod (parent), Roberto Maldonado (staff), Kristin McLean (alumni), Monika Miller (staff), Catherine Ng (other), Anthony Pape (staff), Christine Ryan (staff), Ganesh Surender Saini (parent), Tanya Shea (staff), Priya Sriram (staff), Jenna Steinke (staff), Mary Zalabak (staff)
District 204 (8)
Laurie Donahue (staff), Naresh Raghavan (parent), Mark Rising (parent), Priyanka Rudra (staff), Adam Smeets (staff), Dan Sullivan (staff spouse), Karen Sullivan (staff), Susan Taylor-Demming (staff)
Thank You! to these 2018 TEAM IPEF  runners who raised a total of $201,775 for IPSD204 students.
Brookdale Elementary (12)
Jorie Clawson (staff), Allen Sapoznik (staff), Leah Steinhauser-Walsh (staff), Alice Iwinski (staff), Mary Howicz (staff), Joe Tabisz (staff), Karen Supel (staff), Carly Vojslavek (staff), Mary Luka (staff), Diana Perotti (staff), Joe Meiresonne (parent), Jacob Wantland (staff)
Brooks Elementary (17)
Penny Ose (staff), Kathleen Opelt (staff), Terri Russell (staff), Sandy Kostelecky (other), Alex Russell (other), Erica Brillman (parent), Mark Lobos (parent), Phillip Morton (parent), Nicholas Psaros (parent), Jennifer Dusek (parent), Keeley Schmid (staff), Maria Walther (staff), Leonard Walther (staff spouse), Maureen Sharpe (parent), Christina Olsen (parent), Tiffany Avery-Scott (staff)
Builta Elementary (27)
Jodi Wojcik (staff), Lisa Pagano (parent), Fred Cozzi (parent), Laura Johnston (staff), Ellen Cleary Ruane (parent), Andy Wojcik (staff spouse), Jill DeFarno (staff), Patricia Russow (staff), Scott Jastrow (staff), Agne Paner (parent), Gladell Paner (parent), Kristin Gader (staff), Osman Arain (parent), Janet Petruzzi (staff), Donna Fasone (community), Radhika Venkatesan (staff), Cindy Cozzi (parent), Julie Hartje (staff), Kim Stephens (staff), Sandy Mikulcik (parent), Steve Niezgoda (staff), Khadija Ayaz (staff), Carrie Clodi (staff), Susan Hansen (staff), Alicia Lockhart (alumni), Kelsie Tippett (alumni), Marybeth Sally (staff)
Clow Elementary (8)
Nicole Fader (staff), Molly Mackey (staff), Mariana Arruabarrena (parent), Aileen Hannigan (staff), Ixta Rosa (parent), Patty Bauer (staff), Anis Isahak (parent), Shweta Singh (parent)
Cowlishaw Elementary (17)
Daina Saleh (parent), George Dwyer (parent), Robin Halicki (staff), Becky Allen (staff), Garrett Allen (staff spouse), Terona Guernsey (staff), Tyisha Brown (staff), Jan Kelly (staff), Rodger Kearley (staff spouse), Heather Kearley (staff daughter), Tera Nordstrom (staff), Matt Nordstrom (staff spouse), Mike Coniglio (staff), Kerry Kearley (staff), Ken Bonomo (staff), Kevin Kelly (staff spouse), Saurabh Mittal (parent)
Crone Middle School (23)
Pete Gleason (parent), Matthew Blaser (staff), Shelly Menendez (parent), Keely Hanley-Anshel (parent), Vasudevan Thangaraju (parent), Mark Loehrke (parent), Natalie Vlna (staff), Melissa Couch (staff), Kristopher Couch (staff spouse), Susan Streul (parent), Dave Scriven-Young (parent), Susan O’Donnell (parent), Sarah Damiani (staff), Vicky Chow (parent), Beth Highland (staff), Jennie Mevoli (staff), John Menendez (parent), Steve Highland (staff spouse), Heath Gerdes (parent), Margaret Hargrove (parent), Mark Tucker (parent), Kim Miller (staff), Rebecca Quirk (staff)
Fischer Middle School (11)
Pam Hammer (staff), Blanca Roberts (parent), Lisa Wood (staff), Rebecca Haas (staff), Morgan Nadler (alumni), Ashley Natonski (staff), Beth Myers (staff), Andy Dailing (staff spouse), Jane McCormick (staff), Lanna Himes (staff), Michelle Dailing (alumni)
Fry Elementary (5)
Erin Mongelli (staff), Melissa Allsteadt (parent), Kristina Aniolowski (staff), Nicholas Davis (parent), Amber Zion (staff)
Georgetown Elementary (23)
Lou Puscas (staff), Shannon Keith (parent), Liz Lanning (staff), Cathy Puscas (staff), Kristine Weidel-Porter (staff), Kathleen Erdman (staff), Kristen Brannigan (staff), Amy Putz (staff), Andrea Burck (staff), Helen Grace Amador (parent), Elizabeth Kesler (staff), Robin Adamchik (staff), Bill Adamchik (community), Katherine Hedl (staff), Mark Hedl (staff spouse), Marcia Bodda (community), Bill VandeMerkt (community), Melissa Harry (staff), Marissa Hsieh (parent), Jerry May (parent), Cheryl May (parent), Rafael Segarra (staff), Leila Murphy (parent)
Gombert Elementary (11)
Natashia Waramit (staff), Angie Grzybek (parent), Christina Ensign (staff), Amanda Pratscher (parent), Lesli Langel (staff), Sara Voller (staff), Nikki Shaffer (staff), Christina Messerschmidt (staff), Shelley May Hutchison (staff), Mariya Williams-Oster (parent), Samantha Courtney (staff)
Graham Elementary (5)
Poikaipakkam Murali (parent), Rosana Girald (parent), Sharon Cody (staff), Courtney Srum (staff), Kate Trtan (staff)
Granger Middle School (10)
Dawn Malartsik (parent), Shrirang Telang (parent), Jon Malartsik (parent), Kelly Coyle (parent), Spencer Coyle (parent), Rich Vine (staff), Dwight Nelson (staff), Mike Purcell (parent), Mohan Kumar (parent), Trudie Ranson (parent)
Gregory Middle School (13)
Stacey Johnson (parent), Kathryn DeWyze (staff), Carrie Wujek (parent), Michelle Leibfried (staff), Ganesh Prabhu (parent), Jill Beauregard (staff), Tim Kill (staff), Ethan Johnson (staff), Nicholas Park (staff), Ashley Funk (staff spouse), Amy Delves (staff), Ashley Zinn (staff), Meghan Brazel (staff)
Hill Middle School (12)
Kristine Soderholm (staff), Patty Brand (staff), Anne O’Neil (staff), Julie Ridgeway (staff), Lisa Liace (staff), DeAngelo Gerald (staff), Susan Eberhardt (staff spouse), Mike Raczak (school board), Mimi Raczak (staff), Corrinne Higgins (staff), Mike Dutdut (staff), Joel Higgins (staff spouse)
Indian Plains High School (2)
Cissy Tobin (staff), Cathy Piehl (school board)
Kendall Elementary (13)
Carmen Summers (parent), Rhonda Jenkins (staff), Jenny Horsey (staff), Samantha Patino (staff), Kimberly Wahl (staff), Bryan Summers (parent), Melanie Dale (staff), Linsay Macek (staff), Nicole Sharpe (staff), Frances Costanzo (parent), Gina Swanson (staff), Kelly Olson (staff), Chris Tauer (parent)
Longwood Elementary (4)
Dwain Ackerman (community), Samantha Giglio (staff), Tracey Ratner (staff), Tracy Schwartz (staff)
McCarty Elementary (17)
Rebecca Nickel (staff), Jessica Cameron (staff), Heather Marzano (parent), Kevin Schnable (staff), Rose O’Toole (staff), David Marzano (parent), Daniel Ramos (parent), Laura Leibforth (staff), Diane Gillette (staff), Kaitlin Sidio (staff), Dave McCue (parent), Jenny Kiesewetter (staff), Reynolds Cross (staff), Denise Olek (staff), Russell Gillette (staff spouse), Paige Szweda (staff), Rhea McVey (staff)
Metea Valley High School (22)
Glen Schneider (staff), Kristen Flanders (parent), Nicole Liska (staff), Mark Thompson (parent), Josh Kaminsky (staff), Richard Schlesinger (parent), Lou Petritz (community), Bill McGrath (parent), Kristin Giannini (community), Dennis Wang (parent), Mark Rising (school board), Patty Samojedny (staff), Annika Altekruse (student), Meredith Jordan (staff), Ashley Abruscato (staff), Jada Butler (parent), Russ Bautch (parent), Amanda Briggs (staff), Lisa Byrne (parent), Marie Satinover (parent), Dan Satinover (parent), Andrew Wang (student)
Neuqua Valley High School (12)
Harish Pai (parent), Aparna Pai (parent), Mary Puente (parent), Terri Nauman (parent), Christopher George (parent), Vijay Ramanathan (parent), John Tomczak (parent), Mandy Kontos (staff), Andy Voller (staff), Ryan Donahue (community), Bob McBride (staff), Jonathan Lauff (staff)
Owen Elementary (8)
Victoria Taylor (staff), Lauren Pendleton (parent), Kim Earlenbaugh (staff), Jennifer Mihalakakos (staff), Ashley Smith (staff), Jean Domyancic (staff), Kristen Shafron (staff), Tanya Kreger (parent)
Patterson Elementary (34)
Beth Beedles (staff), Heidi Miller (staff), Martha Conway (staff), Michael Conway (parent), Derrick Biehl (staff), Evelyn Fisher (community), Rebecca Webber (staff), Brooke Wohlfeil (staff), Courtney Abrahamovich (staff), Jennifer Thompson (staff), Ali DePyssler (staff), Jennifer Wujciga (staff), Kathi Farmer (staff), Kari Rothmeyer (staff), Carolyn Shaw (staff), Debbie Fisher (staff), Kathy Barlas (staff), Lori Cosby (staff), Karen Ambrosine (parent), Katherine Huppe (parent), Justin Huppe (parent), Patty McElroy (staff), Mike McElroy (staff), Dawn Dalson (parent), Ellen Creaves (parent), Megan Fastabend (parent), Bonnie Bowers (parent), Valerie Neumann (parent), James Thormeyer (parent), Olof Anderson (parent), Dawn Maly (staff), Ginny McIlvain (staff), Marsha Hammack (staff), Justin Karubas (school board)
Peterson Elementary (19)
Venu Cherukuri (parent), Jennifer Trestler (parent), Steven Lome (parent), Laurie Kelly (parent), Michael Kelly (parent), Andrea Fisher (parent), Michelle Stolle (parent), Raj Damera (parent), Helen Jeong (parent), Valerie Gremillion (parent), Rosalba Lopez (parent), Allison Landstrom (staff), Robin Schmidt (parent), Vijay Thota (parent), Jadyn Lome (student), Ian Lome (student), Avanti Kulkarni (parent), Persis Sidhwa (staff), Julia Choi (community)
Prairie Children Preschool (41)
Sally Osborne (staff), Kristine Black (staff), Hilda Cabrera (staff), Kayla Lindow (staff), Shari Honn (staff), Jamie Kamphuis (staff), Heather Reyes (parent), Latia Johnson (staff), Katherine Guiney (staff), Mindy Donovan (staff), John Gibbs (staff), Chris Gallagher (staff), Mariellyn Vivo (staff), Samantha Giglio (staff), Devyn Conway (staff), Debra Summers (staff), Suzanne Bonucchi (staff), Gretchen Brouch (staff), Tracy Orrico (staff), Cindy Frech (staff), Danielle Kabel (staff), Kara Dendrinos (staff), Jennifer Lessen (staff), Brock Lessen (staff spouse), Tammy Cain (staff), Sarwath Khan (staff), Michael Courtney (staff spouse), Bernice Munoz (staff), Diane Vaca (retired staff), Amy Schultz (staff), Crystal Ellman (staff), Cathleen Czaplewski (staff), Bob Welch (parent), Carrie Palagi (staff), Jennifer Wilen (staff), Tejashree Sardesai (parent), Julie VanLandschoot (staff), Anne Thilk (staff), Shannon Danko (staff), Erin Balek (staff), Stacey Browning (staff), Sirisha Burugula (parent)
Scullen Middle School (23)
Beth Parker (staff), Molly Larson (staff), Monica Ploger (staff), Aaron Mueller (staff), April Altott (staff), Joann Buerstetta (parent), Scott Loughrige (staff), Laurel George (parent), Mark Philipp (staff), Cathy Malone (staff), Leslie Mitchell (staff), Lai Yen Chen (parent), Ashley Menner (staff), Daniel Sandine (staff), Courtney Pepper (staff), Christopher Schneid (staff), Joe Parratore (staff), Stephanie Maertzig (staff), Kennedy Harvey (student), Kristin Grapenthien (staff), Stephen Harvey (parent), Ella Pizza (student), Thomas Edmond (community)
Spring Brook Elementary (11)
Brent Anderson (parent), Jamie Mayer (parent), Dawn Pope (staff), Joseph Mills (staff), Jen Jansen (staff), Kim Dolan (staff), Lauren Baleski (staff), Kara Knight (staff), Jill Koebrich (staff), Ryan Hurley (staff), Nags Rajaram (parent)
Steck Elementary (33)
Nancy Fister (staff), Monika Kelly (staff), Randy Sidio (parent), Joseph Kwiatkowski (staff), Angi Zdenovec (staff), Tanuja Ranjan (parent), Christopher Boldt (parent), Jennifer Hains (parent), Amy Treptow (staff), Ni Wayan Muliyati (parent), Chad Pohlmann (staff spouse), Elizabeth Pohlmann (staff), Erin Polizzi (staff), Jennifer McAtee (staff), Niki Armstrong (parent), Tim Ruxton (parent), Alexandria Elgindy (staff), Tracy Bludgen (staff), Katie Van Guchte (staff), Donna Bartusek (staff), Kristen Heuberger (staff), Lori McBride (staff), Carly Marshall (staff), Irma Boldt (parent), Jennifer Straughn (staff), Kori Wolter (staff), Elissa Bright (parent), Matt Bright (parent), Kim Zidek (staff), Eric Griffin (staff), Ronnie Stewart (staff), Kerry Clemm (parent), Katherine Drone (staff)
Bill Perry (community), Karen Altekruse (parent), Renee Abbott (community), Gina Chiappetta (staff), Michelle Gallo (staff), Elizabeth Jansen (staff)
Still Middle School (5)
Vildan Gorener (parent), Piyush Swain (parent), Tina Ortinau (staff), Ruth Hartje (student), Ted Zimmerman (staff spouse)
Watts Elementary (6)
Dhaivat Upadhyay (parent), Jessica Zaldo (alumni), Whitney Pino (community), Mary Blessing (staff), Glen Castro (parent), Kristyn Moroz (parent)
Waubonsie Valley High School (17)
Jason Stipp (staff), Anthony Yench (parent), Peter Barnard (parent), Ryan VanKampen (staff), Adam Dyche (staff), Maribel Demeter (parent), Jerrine Roderique (staff), Brandi Roderique (alumni), Melissa Fonseca (student), Jackie Horvath (staff), Jason Schmidtgall (staff), Sonya Evanosky (parent), Steve Farmer (parent), Jason Wyman (parent), Chris Skrzypchak (staff), Terry Sullivan (community), Arjun Nair (student)
Welch Elementary (6)
Arnab Bose (parent), Heidi Hairston (parent), Stephenie Pittroff (parent), Mary Kulaga (staff), Jeannie Dina (staff), Jodi Pettit (staff)
White Eagle Elementary (35)
Scott Nickel (staff), Kathryn Harkness (staff), Katie Eskey (staff), Julie Tamburrino (staff), Paula Jackson (staff), Brandy Bushby (staff), Dawn Vieira (staff), Diedre Pappas (staff), Amanda Eischen (staff), Carolyn Scott (staff), Julie Voaden-Wanda (staff), Michael Liyeos (parent), Johnathan Chernick (parent), Jamie Styrczula (staff), Heather Hayes (staff), Elizabeth Hund (staff), Jennifer Kokes (staff), Tim Krahenbuhl (staff), Marie Hart (staff), Robert Glickman (parent), Jacqueline Gerard (staff), Jean Marie Evans (staff), Leah Kittl (staff), Linda DeGurian (staff), Sudhaker Sekar (parent), Derrick Allen (parent), Elizabeth Allen (parent), Krishna Kumar (parent), Priya Nair (parent), Lois Fresso-Doyle (staff), Matt Johnson (staff), Ahmed Aboubakr (parent), Shannon Lydon (staff), Heather McEneany (parent), Diya Nair (student)
Young Elementary (9)
Ramesh Nekkanti (parent), Laura MacLeod (parent), Rob Maldonado (staff), Anthony Pape (staff), Monika Miller (staff), Hemant Malhotra (parent), Brett Hintz (community), Venugopal Kosanam (parent), Sreekanth Bojja (parent)
District 204 (All Schools) (3)
Karen Sullivan (staff), Dan Sullivan (staff spouse), Laurie Donahue (school board)
Thank You! to these 2017 TEAM IPEF  runners who raised a total of $178,000 for IPSD204 students.
Brookdale Elementary
Jen Birkner (parent), Allen Sapoznik (staff), Joe Tabisz (staff), Leah Steinhauser-Walsh (staff)
Brooks Elementary
Penny Ose (staff), Michelle Dailing (parent), Rick Ose (staff spouse), Kathleen Opelt (staff), Maureen Sharpe (parent), Phillip Morton (parent), Carey Read (staff), Mark Lobos (parent), Laura Kloster (staff), Keeley Schmid (staff), Terri Russell (staff), Michael Purcell (parent), Christopher Schmid (alumni)
Builta Elementary
Jodi Wojcik (staff), Lisa Pagano (parent), Andy Wojcik (staff spouse), William Reynolds (parent), Fred Cozzi (parent), Steve Niezgoda (staff), Osman Arain (parent), Kelsie Wojcik (alumni), Ganesh Prabhu (parent), Persis Sidhwa (staff), Alicia Lockhart (alumni), Brendan Cullen (parent), Laura Johnston (staff), Carolyn Cooper (staff), Julie Hartje (staff)
Clow Elementary
Brent Anderson (parent), Anis Isahak (parent)
Cowlishaw Elementary
Jim Kusumpa (parent), Eric Gustafson (staff spouse), Melissa Goodwin (staff), Eric Wulf (parent), Ken Bonomo (staff), Miyako Ono (parent), Bryan Goodwin (staff spouse), Yoon Nam (parent)
Crone Middle School
Melissa Couch (staff), Beth Highland (staff), Jennie Mevoli (staff), Kristopher Couch (staff spouse), Matthew Blaser (staff), Kristin Druwe (staff), Allison Geers (staff), Sarah Damiani (staff), Dennis Damiani (staff spouse), Joseph Sweeney (staff), Natalie Vlna (staff), Gina Domjan (community), Daniel Shields (staff), Victoria Chow (parent), Susan O’Donnell (parent), Josh Cournaya (staff)
Fischer Middle School
Pam Hammer (staff), Kimberly Stotlar (parent), Kimberly Cancelliere (staff), Adam Johnson (staff), Blanca Roberts (parent), Patrick Raleigh (staff), John Bender (parent), Noelle Bender (parent)
Fry Elementary
Kristina Aniolowski (staff), Erin Mongelli (staff), Jason Wyman (parent), Jessica Chow (parent)
Georgetown Elementary
Lou Puscas (staff), Beth Cox (staff), Amy Putz (staff)
Gombert Elementary
Natashia Waramit (staff), Christina Ensign (staff), Keith Ferrell (staff), Sara Voller (staff), Mariya Williams-Oster (parent), Monika Bornhoff (parent)
Graham Elementary
Poikaipakkam Murali (parent), Rosana Girald (parent), Keely Hanley-Anshel (parent), Sharon Cody (staff)
Granger Middle School
Nicholas Hurd (staff), Dawn Malartsik (parent), Jon Malartsik (parent), Shrirang Telang (parent), Dwight Nelson (staff), Jennifer Torza (staff), Matt Walsh (staff), Carla Axt (staff)
Gregory Middle School
Kathryn DeWyze (staff), Laura Gonnella (staff), Kim Horn (parent), Jennifer Wikoff (staff), Stacey Johnson (parent), Amanda Montano (parent), Nikole Feret (parent), Amy Delves (staff)
Hill Middle School
Karen Altekruse (parent), Patty Brand (staff), Michael Dutdut (staff), Corrinne Higgins (staff), Anne O’Neil (staff), Anthony Cozzi (staff), Kurt Reilly (parent), Antonio Jeffrey (parent)
Indian Plains High School
Sandra Conner (staff)
Kendall Elementary
Shelly Menendez (parent), Pete Gleason (parent), Sachin Gupta (parent), Mark Loehrke (parent), Chris Tauer (parent), Jai Karuppuswamy (parent), Sobia Bangash (parent), Nicole Sharpe (staff), Michelle Simms (parent), Vasudevan Thangaraju (parent), Thanujja Natesa (parent), Michael Yack (parent), Margaret Hargrove (parent)
Longwood Elementary
Rich Vine (staff), Michelle Kaufman (parent), Melissa Sofos (staff)
May Watts Elementary
Siva Isukapalli (parent), Alefiyah Tawawalla (staff), Anthony Pavone (parent), Kristen Erwin (staff), Dhaivat Upadhyay (parent), Elizabeth Happy (staff), Kathleen Reilly (parent), David Lundgren (friend of 204), Stephanie Sanchez (staff), Nicole Beutler (staff), Edward Beutler (staff spouse), Amit Vaid (staff), Amy Vaid (community)
McCarty Elementary
Kevin Schnable (staff), Rose O’Toole (staff), Rebecca Nickel (staff), Maribel Demeter (parent), German Serrato (parent), Jeannie Brooks (staff), Anne Boeselager (staff), Amanda Briggs (staff), Jennifer Maginity (staff), Rhea McVey (staff), Whitney Creamean (staff), Caroline Volz (staff), Madeline Morales (staff), Aisha Scott (parent), Diane Gillette (staff), Jenni Schnable (friend of 204), Mark Schnable (friend of 204), Ryan Watson (friend of 204), Erin Watson (friend of 204), Dave Marzano (parent), Erin Bibian (staff), Michael Epley (friend of 204), Kelly Epley (friend of 204), Tara Schwab (friend of 204), Heather Marzano (parent), Jamie Mueller (parent), Sharleen Dyer (parent)
Metea Valley High School
Mohan Kumar (parent), Bill McGrath (parent), Glen Schneider (staff), Karen Popovich (staff), Jeffery Schmela (staff), Nicole Liska (staff), Jessica Thomas (staff), Alyssa Schneider (staff), Rebecca Peterson Burns (parent), Kristen Flanders (parent), Mark Thompson (parent), Greg Smith (parent), Richard Schlesinger (parent), Susan Fuhrer (staff), Josh Kaminsky (staff)
Neuqua Valley High School
Latha Pai (parent), Harish Pai (parent), Aparna Pai (parent), Laurel George (parent), John Tomczak (parent), Christina Farrell (staff), Vijay Ramanathan (parent), Cindy Gao (parent), Andy Voller (staff), Emiko Buynack (parent), Robert McBride (staff), Lance Fuhrer (staff), Jonathan Lauff (staff)
Owen Elementary
Victoria Taylor (staff), Joe Labedz (parent), Mary Ann Short (staff)
Patterson Elementary
Heidi Miller (staff), Beth Beedles (staff), Kathi Farmer (parent), Rasa Rozevicius (parent), Jim Thormeyer (parent), Bobbi Johns (staff)
Peterson Elementary
Venu Cherukuri (parent), Steven Lome (parent), Kevin Whyte (staff), Helen Jeong (parent), Alan Jeong (community), Allison Landstrom (staff), Sarah Doll (parent), Melissa Ward (parent), Jennifer Mihalakakos (staff), Many Thiyagarajan (parent), Jen Trestler (parent), Andrea Fisher (parent), Hannah Niziolek (parent), Monica Weiss (parent), Garyn Coulson (parent), Michael Kelly (parent)
Prairie Children Preschool
Sally Osborne (staff), Kristine Black (staff), Kayla Lindow (staff), Sara Wynn (parent), Rajesh Renugopal (parent), Tracy Orrico (staff), Sarah Cole (parent), Annie Cole (parent), Mindy Donovan (staff), Heather Reyes (parent), Robert Welch (parent), Jamie Long (staff), Erin Balek (staff), Jennifer Lessen (staff), Brock Lessen (staff spouse), Cyndi Rice (staff), Debra Summers (staff), Kassandra Breen (staff), Elizabeth Cassidy (staff), John Gibbs (staff), Julie Valdez (parent), Kathrin Librizzi (parent)
Scullen Middle School
Beth Ross (staff), Monica Ploger (staff), Mark Boehm (parent), Joann Buerstetta (parent), Ashley Menner (staff), Molly Larson (staff), April Altott (staff), Aaron Mueller (staff), Christopher George (parent), Meg Puente (parent), Scott Loughrige (staff), Courtney Pepper (staff), Mark Philipp (staff), Cathy Malone (staff), Jessica Block (staff), Courtney Voise (staff), Leslie Mitchell (staff), Christopher Mitchell (staff spouse), Christopher Scheid (staff)
Spring Brook Elementary
Kim Dolan (staff), Jackie Kohorn (staff), Katie Konecki (staff), Mia Liebmann (parent), Nags Rajaram (parent), Kristin Kauffman (staff), Joe Mills (staff), Nicole Everix (staff), Kimberly Orisek (staff), Janet Ziarko-Anderson (staff), Nancy Mores (staff), Tracey Herrick (staff), Amanda Adams (staff), Jennifer Christy (staff), Jamie Mayer (parent)
Steck Elementary
Jennifer Hains (parent), Randy Sidio (parent), Monika Kelly (staff), Nancy Fister (staff), Nicole Armstrong (parent), Elizabeth Pohlmann (staff), Chad Pohlmann (staff spouse), Angi Zdenovec (staff), Michael Zdenovec (friend of 204), Kimberly Mitchell (parent)
Jason Altenbern (staff), Amber Barbeau (staff)
Still Middle School
Tina Ortinau (staff), Piyush Swain (parent), Mark Kreiter (staff), Chad Cartner (staff), Jackie Cartner (staff spouse), Terence White (staff), Ted Zimmerman (staff spouse), Anna Zimmerman (staff), Ashok Medhi (parent), Jay Ryan (parent), Amy Ramer Holmes (parent), John Lay (staff), Ashok Medhi (parent), Donna Davis (staff)
Waubonsie Valley High School
Peter Barnard (parent), Jason Stipp (staff), Ryan VanKampen (staff), Adam Dyche (staff), Anthony Yench (parent), Steve Farmer (parent), Pramod Aggarwal (parent), Terry Sullivan (community), Vince Wardein (community), Alison Wardein (community), Joel Brens (staff)
Welch Elementary
Arnab Bose (parent)
White Eagle Elementary
James Porter (parent), Joni Becks (parent), Kate Woolard (parent), Manisha Gore (parent), Chinmayi Desai (parent), Naomi Callahan (parent), Asha Patel (parent), Scott Nickel (staff), Louise Porter (parent), Charles Becks (parent), Poornima Sarkar (parent), Johnathan Chernick (parent), Melissa Roseberg (staff), Julie Tamburrino (staff), Brandy Bushby (staff), Kathryn Harkness (staff), Dawn Vieira (staff), Christopher Kitzmiller (parent)
Young Elementary
Marcia Bodda (community), Venugopal Kosanam (parent), Laura MacLeod (parent), Melissa Maher (parent), Rob Maldonado (staff), Hemant Malhotra (parent), Monika Miller (staff),Naga Ramesh Nekkanti (parent), Anthony Pape (staff), Harini Tokala (parent), Jeffrey Wolschlag (parent)
Thank You! to these 2016 TEAM IPEF  runners who raised a total of $171,000 for IPSD204 students.
Brookdale Elementary
Allen Sapoznik (staff), Alice Iwinski (staff), Tim Buttimer (parent), Michael SanFacon (parent), Jen Birkner (parent)
Brooks Elementary
Keeley Schmid (staff), Penny Ose (staff), Michelle Dailing (parent), Katy Opelt (staff), Mark Lobos (parent), Maureen Sharpe (parent), Phillip Morton (parent), Michael Brodrueck (parent), Arjun Gupta (staff), Elaine Archey (staff), Gregory Madden (parent), Rose Jacobs (staff), Terri Russell (staff)
Builta Elementary
Jodi Wojcik (staff), Julie Hartje (staff), Lisa Pagano (parent), Marybeth Sally (staff), Andy Wojcik (staff spouse), Joel Brens (staff)
Clow Elementary
Graham Brown (parent), Teresa Zanzarella (parent), Brent Anderson (parent), Anis Isahak (parent)
Cowlishaw Elementary
Lindsay Boten (staff), Daina Saleh (parent), Joe Meiresonne (Cowlishaw)
Crone Middle School
Beth Highland (staff), Melissa Couch (staff), Shannon Stevens (parent), Allison Geers (staff), Chad Stevens (parent), Matthew Blaser (staff), Natalie Vlna (staff), Joseph Sweeney (staff), Melissa Sweeney (staff spouse), Amy Miler (staff), Amy Modzelewski (staff), Sarah Damiani (staff)
Fischer Middle School
Corey MacGregor (staff), Kevin Cox (staff), Patrick Raleigh (staff), Pamela Hammer (staff), Carol Coghlin (staff), Beth Myers (staff), Andrew Dailing (staff)
Fry Elementary
Kristina Aniolowski (staff), Jason Wyman (parent)
Georgetown Elementary
Lou Puscas (staff), Katherine Hedl (staff), Kristine Weidel-Porter (staff), Terry Sullivan (IPEF Director)
Gombert Elementary
Shelley May Hutchison (staff), Mariya Williams-Oster (parent)
Graham Elementary
Sharon Cody (staff), Rosana Girald (parent), Michele Kapinus (parent), Courtney Srum (staff), Poikaipakkam Murali (parent), Alissa Krusoe (parent)
Granger Middle School
Dwight Nelson (staff), Dawn Malartsik (parent), Jon Malartsik (parent), Nick Hurd (staff), Matt Walsh (staff), Ken Schuch (parent)
Gregory Middle School
Kathryn Dewyze (staff), Ana Burnopp (staff), Stacey Johnson (parent), Jean Kotowski (staff), Kim Horn (parent), Doug Eccarius (staff), Nikole Feret (parent), Tiffani Gaar (parent), Amy Hoffmann (parent), Becky Williamson (parent), Min Chen (staff)
Hill Middle School
Anthony Cozzi (staff), Mike Dutdut (staff), Patty Brand (staff), Julie Ridgeway (staff), Corrinne Higgins (staff), Anne O’Neil (staff)
Indian Plains
Louis Lee (staff), Cecelia Tobin (staff), Jessica Brown (staff), Cathy Piehl (school board), Sandra Conner (staff)
Kendall Elementary
Jai Karuppuswamy (parent), Shelly Menendez (parent), Nicole Sharpe (staff)
Longwood Elementary
Rich Vine (staff), Lisa Hayslett (staff), Elizabeth Jones (staff), Robin Magers (staff)
McCarty Elementary
Jamie Long (staff), Kate Sidio (staff), Rose O’Toole (staff), Michelle Olson (staff), Joelna Robleza (parent), Adrienne Parsons (parent), Kevin Schnable (staff)
Metea Valley High School
Glen Schneider (staff), Kristen Flanders (parent), Lisa Byrne (parent), MaKenna Byrne (alumni), Darrell Echols (staff), David Schumacher (staff), Jenna Hotwagner (staff), Thomas Womack (staff), Eric Anerino (staff), Chris Kao (parent), Nicole Liska (staff), Natalie Johnson (staff), Ruben Rodriguez (staff), Annie McTigue (staff), Sarah DePasquale (staff), Leonard DePasquale (staff spouse), Karen Popovich (staff), Rachel Blanton (staff), Brandon Zears (community), Shari Olsen (staff), Daniel DeBruycker (staff), Rebecca Walker (staff), Julie Andrews (staff), Janeth Ohst (parent), Adam Page (staff), Susan Rasmus (parent), Meredith Jordan (staff), Justin Cronin (staff), Kim Puk (staff), Josh Kaminsky (staff), Jennifer Fiduccia (staff), Mark Thompson (parent), Susan Fuhrer (staff), Richard Schlesinger (parent), Emily Boynton (staff), Erin Swanson (staff), Brittany Chen (staff), Stephen Howser (parent), Bill McGrath (parent), Rebecca Peterson Burns (parent), Sarah Bathan (staff), Sally Scarlet (parent), Donald Pankuch (staff), Michael Krcatovich (staff)
Neuqua Valley High School
Aparna Pai (parent), Harish Pai (parent), Jennifer Schmauderer (staff), Montrine Johnson (staff), Kerry Cahill (staff), Margaret Onken (staff), Latha Pai (parent), Genesh Pai (parent), Lance Fuhrer (staff), Katie Knopp (staff), Bob McBride (staff), Camilla Ose (student), Veronica Popp (Friend of 204), Claire Fenton (staff)
Owen Elementary
Piyush Swain (parent), Mary Dolan (staff), Michelle Askelson (staff), Jonathan Robson (parent), Elizabeth Nelson (parent), Vanessa Troiani (parent)
Patterson Elementary
Beth Beedles (staff), Karen Ambrosine (parent), Jennifer Kiesewetter (staff), Jeff LaCoursiere (staff spouse), Kathi Farmer (staff), Martha Conway (staff), Tanya Barnes (parent), Heidi Miller (staff)
Peterson Elementary
Venu Cherukuri (parent), Allison Landstrom (staff), Michelle Kurasz (staff), Beth Corbat (staff), Hannah Niziolek (parent), Christy Harris (community), Steven Lome (parent), Amanda Yee (staff)
Prairie Children Preschool
Kristine Black (staff), Tara Dham (parent), Ixta Rosa (parent), Kristin Kain (parent), Jennifer Lessen (staff)
Scullen Middle School
Beth Ross (staff), Peter Barnard (parent), Jim Seput (staff), April Altott (staff), Scott Loughrige (staff), Molly Larson (staff), Monica Ploger (staff), Courtney Voise (staff), Betsy Williams (staff), Stephanie Maertzig (staff), Aaron Mueller (staff), Colleen McLaughlin (staff), Courtney Pepper (staff), Larissa Purcell (parent), James Dahan (Friend of 204)
Springbrook Elementary
Kim Dolan (staff), Kaye Kooi (staff), Katie Konecki (staff)
Steck Elementary
Randy Sidio (parent), Jennifer Hains (parent), Niki Armstrong (parent)
Jason Altenbern (staff), Libby Jansen (staff), Kimberly Miller (staff), Amber Barbeau (staff)
Still Middle School
Amy Scott (staff), Mark Kreiter (staff), Tina Ortinau (staff), Anna Zimmerman (staff), Ted Zimmerman (staff spouse), Carey Beth Harry (staff), Irma Boldt (staff), Jessica Conlon (staff)
Watts Elementary
Huda Husseini (parent), Christina Moeller (parent), Christine Tlsor-Leab (staff)
Waubonsie Valley High School
Megan Dougherty (staff), Michael Chung (parent), Krishna Bansal (IPEF Director), Jason Stipp (staff), John Purcell (parent), Adam Dyche (staff), Ryan VanKampen (staff), John Ehlert (parent), Steven Farmer (parent)
Welch Elementary
Joann Buerstetta (parent), Krishna Aerabati (parent), Junyong Zhang (parent), Mark Boehm (parent), Chandra Williams (Welch), Christopher George (parent), Meghna Bansal (parent)
White Eagle Elementary
Amy Ramer-Holmes (parent), James Porter (parent)
Young Elementary
Rob Maldonado (staff), Jeffrey Wolschlag (parent), Laura MacLeod (parent), Kelly Coyle (parent), Spencer Coyle (parent), Anthony Pape (staff), Harini Tokala (parent), Monika Miller (staff), Stephanie Toufexis (staff), Marcia Bodda (community)
Thank You! to these 2015 TEAM IPEF  runners who raised a total of $98,000 for IPSD204 students.
Brookdale Elementary 
Mary Blessing (staff)
Brooks Elementary 
Penny Ose (staff), Katy Opelt (staff), Tyrone Smith (staff)
Builta Elementary 
Tony John (parent), Laura Johnston (staff), Kim Stephens (staff), Stacey Johnson (parent), Allison Wright (staff), Danielle Guleserian (staff), Cathy Felt (staff), Jodi Wojcik (staff), Jenn Wills (staff), Janet Petruzzi (staff), Julie Hull (staff), Trina Werner (parent)
Clow Elementary 
Louis Lee (staff), Allison Geers (parent), Sandra Moreno
Cowlishaw Elementary 
Katie Purse (staff)
Crone Middle School 
Joe Sweeney (staff), Chad Stevens (parent)
Fischer Middle School 
Kevin Cox (staff), Beth Semyck (staff), Samantha Smith (staff), Megan Hall (staff), Bruce Shannon (parent)
Fry Elementary 
Renay Biehl (staff)
Georgetown Elementary 
Terry Sullivan (IPEF Director)
Gombert Elementary 
Krista Kelch (parent), Jason Altenbern (staff)
Graham Elementary 
Rosana Girald (parent), Sharon Cody (staff)
Granger Middle School 
Dwight Nelson (staff), Nick Hurd (staff), Carla Axt-Pilon (staff)
Gregory Middle School 
Kathryn DeWyze (staff)
Hill Middle School 
Kate Reilly (parent), Mary Kelly (staff), Mike Raczak (School Board)
Indian Plains 
Joshua Ruland (staff)
Kendall Elementary 
Stacey Ponczek, Wendi Egan (parent)
Longwood Elementary 
Robin Schultz (staff)
McCarty Elementary 
Kate Sidio (staff), James Olson (staff spouse), Michelle Olson (staff), Rose O’Toole (staff), Janice Nolte (staff), Kevin Schnable (staff), Jamie Long (staff), Jessica Cameron (staff)
Metea Valley High School 
Pam Rohm (parent), Matt Schmid (alumni), Angel Aguilar (parent), Darrell Echols (staff), Mark Thompson (parent), Kalyanee Vaidya (parent), Carrie Gasik (parent)
Neuqua Valley High School 
Todd Mertz (staff), Aparna Pai (parent), Harish Pai (parent), Bob McBride (staff)
Owen Elementary 
Piyush Swain (parent), Mary Dolan (staff), Michelle Askelson (staff)
Patterson Elementary 
Beth Beedles (staff), Martha Conway (staff), Ryan Morris (community)
Peterson Elementary 
Venu Cherukuri (parent)
Prairie Children Preschool 
Kristine Black (staff)
Scullen Middle School 
Terri Nauman (parent), Monica Ploger (staff), Mark Philipp (staff), Bethany Ross (staff), Scott Loughrige (staff), Jim Seput (staff), Courtney Voise (staff), Peter Barnard (parent)
Springbrook Elementary 
Kim Dolan (staff), Richard Thackeray (parent)
Steck Elementary 
Nancy Fister (staff), Monika Kelly (staff), Randy Sidio (parent), Angi Zdenovec (staff)
Khalida Himes (staff)
Still Middle School 
Carey Beth Harry (staff), Amy Scott (staff), Krishna Bansal (IPEF Director & parent)
Watts Elementary 
Huda Husseini (parent), Mike Raczak (School Board)
Waubonsie Valley High School 
Megan Dougherty (staff), Jason Stipp (staff), Adam Dyche (staff), Ryan VanKampen (staff), John Ehlert (parent)
Welch Elementary 
Joann Buerstetta (parent)
White Eagle Elementary 
Amy Ramer Holmes (parent)
Young Elementary 
William Kudla (parent), Dawn Malartsik (parent), Jon Malartsik (parent)
Thank You! to these first-ever TEAM IPEF  runners who raised a total of $32,000 for IPSD204 students.
Brookdale Elementary
Mary Howicz, Roy Kozlowski
Builta Elementary
Jodi Wojcik 
Clow Elementary
Janice Nolte 
Cowlishaw Elementary
Jim Dickerson
Crone Middle School
Stacy Bella
Georgetown Elementary
Lily Mertes, Yoni Espinoza 
Granger Middle School
Julie Johnson, Mary Kelly 
Gregory Middle School
Vivian Makropoulos
Indian Plains High School
Tulin Akin
Longwood Elementary
Terry Sullivan
May Watts Elementary
Bryan Jaffe
McCarty Elementary
Kate Sidio 
Metea Valley High School
Kristen Flanders 
Neuqua Valley High School
Mike Rossi, Billy Ghighi
Prairie Children Preschool
Kristine Black 
Spring Brook Elementary
Jackie Kohorn 
Steck Elementary
Randy Sidio, Nancy Fister 
Patty Smith, Kate Bruno 
Still Middle School
Teresa Sullivan
Waubonsie Valley High School
Jason Stipp, Taylor Drefcinski 
Welch Elementary
Joann Buerstetta, Terri Nauman 
Young Elementary
Jon Malartsik, Kevin Owen, Dawn Malartsik