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Team IPEF is the Foundation’s contingent of charity runners who walk or run the Endeavor Health Naperville Half Marathon, 10K, and 5K race every October. Not only is this IPEF’s largest annual fundraising event, but it’s also a celebration of the IPSD 204 community that involves students, parents, teachers, staff, and community members.

Each runner pledges to raise at least $204 ($25 for students who register with a parent) – half supports IPEF programs and half is donated to the runner’s school of choice. Since 2014, Team IPEF’s 2,872 charity runners have raised over $1.2 million to support district programs and schools.

Not everyone can run (or walk) on the scheduled Race Day, but you still may want to contribute to Team IPEF. Here’s Your chance. Simply click on the button below and you will be taken to a secure, encrypted form that lets you donate to Team IPEF, including which school you want half of your donation to go to:

Donate to Team IPEF

Interested in becoming a Team Sponsor? We would love to partner with you! Click below for more information.

Team IPEF Sponsorships


We are excited to have you Join Team IPEF, an opportunity that offers:
  • A discount on the Endeavor Health Naperville Half Marathon, 10K, or 5K registration
  • The official Team IPEF “Yellow” race shirt in your selected size
  • Use of the Team IPEF tent in Charity Village on Race Day
  • Training support in preparation of race day

Note that by registering, you are agreeing to raise a minimum of $204 for the Indian Prairie Educational Foundation and District 204 ($25 for students who register with a parent). Half of all funds that you raise will go directly back to the District 204 school of your choice. The other half helps IPEF support District 204 programs and events such as Teacher Grants, the Fine Arts Festival, Robotics Clubs, and Free Cardiac Screenings for High School Students.

Thank you for making a difference for District 204!

Join Team IPEF 2024


The generosity of many employers enables you to double the size of your gift. Check with your employer or use our Double Your Donation link to see if matching funds are available.

Double Your Donation


March 1 Team IPEF 2024 Registration Opens!
June 1 Team IPEF Sponsorship Deadline
August 31 Last day Healthy Driven will allow you to register as a charity runner
October 1 Minimum fundraising deadline ($204 minimum fundraising commitment; $25 for students)
October 14 Final day for Where’s Yellow? contests
October 18-19 Healthy Driven bib and race packet pickup
October 20 RACE DAY!!!



Our TEAM IPEF charity runners make significant commitments of time, effort, and funds. They deserve our support and IPEF does its best to deliver. We provide every TEAM IPEF runner (and walker) with :

  • The famous Team IPEF neon yellow Race Day T-shirt
  • Your personal Qgiv fundraising page for supporters to make online donations and for you to track your fundraising total
  • Easy, fun ideas for fundraising events to help reach the pledge amount
  • The Team IPEF Facebook group to keep up with news/announcements
  • The Team IPEF Info Page which answers questions you may have
  • The Team IPEF tent in charity village for pre/post race snacks, fun, and storage of personal gear
  • The famous ‘Spirit Squads’ to cheer on Team IPEF members


Team IPEF Runners Chart


Thank you to these TEAM IPEF alumni runners who raised more than $1000 in a single season!

Michael Ackerman STEPS (2021)

Karen Altekruse Hill Middle School (2017)

Jason Altenbern Gombert Elementary (2015)

Brent Anderson Spring Brook Elementary (2018, 2023)

Lauren Baleski Spring Brook Elementary (2019)

Beth Beedles Patterson Elementary (2015, 2016)

Derrick Biehl Patterson Elementary (2018)

Renay Biehl Fry Elementary (2015)

Kristine Black Prairie Children Preschool (2014, 2015)

Mary Blessing Brookdale Elementary (2015)

Sarah Charles May Watts Elementary (2023)

Venu Cherukuri Peterson Elementary (2015)

Michael Chung Waubonsie Valley High School; IPSD 204 (2016, 2018)

Sharon Cody Graham Elementary (2015)

Martha Conway Patterson Elementary (2015)

Cindy Cozzi Builta Elementary (2019)

Julee DeGeus Brooks Elementary (2022)

Katie DeWyze Gregory Middle School (2018)

Kim Dolan Spring Brook Elementary (2015, 2016, 2023)

Megan Dougherty Waubonsie Valley High School (2015)

Maggie Durkin STEPS (2022,2023)

Amanda Eischen White Eagle Elementary (2021)

Jennifer Hains Fischer Middle School (2020)

Heidi Hairston Welch Elementary (2018)

Carey Beth Harry Still Middle School (2015)

Amy Hoffmann Gregory Middle School (2016)

Kim Horn Gregory Middle School (2016)

Nancy Fister Steck Elementary (2014)

Karen Fleming Graham Elementary (2020)

Stacey Johnson Builta Elementary, Gregory Middle School, Neuqua Valley High School (2015, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020)

Asha Justice Clow Elementary (2023)

Josh Kaminsky Metea Valley High School (2017)

Justin Karubas District 204 (2021)

Krista Kelch Gombert Elementary (2015)

Jackie Kohorn Spring Brook Elementary (2014, 2017)

Mohan Kumar Metea Valley High School (2017)

Steven Lome Peterson Elementary ( 2016, 2017)

Laura MacLeod Young Elementary (2017)

Vivian Makropoulos Gregory Middle School (2014)

Dawn Malartsik Young Elementary (2015)

Jon Malartsik Young Elementary (2015)

Roberto Maldonado Young Elementary (2018)

Bob McBride Neuqua Valley High School (2015, 2016, 2018)

Shelly Menendez Kendall Elementary (2017, 2018)

Lily Mertes Georgetown Elementary (2014)

Todd Mertz Neuqua Valley High School (2015)

Heidi Miller Patterson Elementary (2017)

Ryan Morris Patterson Elementary (2015)

Katie Opelt Brooks Elementary (2018, 2019, 2022, 2023)

Tina Ortinau Still Middle School (2018)

Penny Ose Brooks Elementary (2022, 2023)

Harish Pai Neuqua Valley High School (2018)

Bill Perry STEPS, Wheatland (2018, 2019, 2020)

Janet Petruzzi Builta Elementary (2015)

Cathy Piehl Indian Plains (2016)

Stephenie Pittroff Welch Elementary (2018, 2019)

Elizabeth Pohlman Steck Elementary (2017)

Karen Popovich Metea Valley High School (2017)

Mike Raczak Watts Elementary (2015)

Susan Rasmus Metea Valley High School (2016)

Mike Rossi Neuqua Valley High School (2014)

Amy Scott Still Middle School (2015)

Nicole Sharpe Kendall Elementary (2022)

Patty Smith STEPS (2014)

Stephen Spinelli Waubonsie Valley High School (2021)

Jason Stipp Waubonsie Valley High School (2014, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022, 2023)

Terry Sullivan Georgetown Elementary, Waubonsie Valley High School (2014, 2015, 2017)

Julie Tamburrino White Eagle Elementary (2018, 2019)

Mark Thompson Metea Valley High School (2015)

Adreianne Toomey Neuqua Valley High School (2019)

Rich Vine Longwood Elementary; Granger Middle School (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)

Carrie Wujek Gregory Middle School (2018, 2020, 2021)

Anthony Yench Waubonsie Valley High School (2019, 2020)

Thank you to these 2023 TEAM IPEF runners who joined us for Year 10!

Brookdale Elementary (39) Aliana Baumgartner (student), Jack Baumgartner (student), Mia Baumgartner (parent), Stephanie Blecha (parent), Ben Bocher (parent), Laura Burgess (parent), Mark Byram (parent), Ayden Casmer (student), Kristin Cibulka(staff), Kelly Casmer (parent), Betsy Cunningham (staff), Elizabeth Ferneau (parent), Megan Happ (parent), Lindsey Harrell (parent), Julie Jackson (staff), Lisa Kalnicky (parent), Carolyn Lenc (staff), Isla-Kathryn Liversidge (student), Kate Liversidge (parent), Dan Mantucca (parent), Abdelkrim Naji (parent), Rachael Paul-Heinz (parent), Katie Palermo (staff), Khadisia Persaud (staff),Chris Russell (parent), Millie Russell (student), Allen Sapoznik (staff), CJ Schmid (staff family), Keeley Schmid (staff), Andrew Schmidt (staff family), Leah Steinhauser-Walsh (staff), Karen Supel (staff), Ali Tomczak (parent), Owen Tomczak (student), Dan Urban (parent), Jennifer Urban (parent), Jack Urban (student), Kate Urban (student), Gregory Walsh (staff family)

Brooks Elementary (3) Katy Opelt (staff), Penny Ose (staff), Hannah Scharff (staff)

Builta Elementary (5) Aleena Arain (student), Osman Arain (parent), Pavithra Arun Kumar (parent), Laura Johnston (staff), Lisa Pagano (parent)

Clow Elementary (10) Katie Bennett (staff), Matt Hanley (parent), Asha Justice (parent), Justin Karubas (alumni), Frankie Lee (student), Serena Lee (parent), Elaine Ludens (staff), Matt Ragusa (staff), Kyle Reid (community), Tami Reid (community)

Cowlishaw Elementary (2) Courtney Phelps (parent), Tobias Phelps (student)

Crone Middle School (9) Sirisha Chigurupati (parent), Jonathan Lapetino (student), Shawn Lapetino (parent), Sreekar Nakireddi (student), Santosh Kumar Nakireddi (parent), Eileen Narwani (parent), Liam Narwani (student), Aiden Wright (student), Christine Wright (parent)

Fischer Middle School (5) Dustin Akers (parent), Cecilia Angstadt (parent), Dave McCue (parent), Jennifer Nonnemacher (staff), Samantha Smith (staff)

Fry Elementary (3) Sreesha Manikandan (student), Lakshmipriya Subramanian (parent), Susan Taylor-Demming (community)

Gail Mckinzie HS (1) Mark Rising (community)

Georgetown Elementary (3) Kristen Brannigan (staff), Amy Melin (staff), Christina Min (staff)

Gombert Elementary (12) Sarah Anderson (staff), Amanda Barger (staff), Laura Barreto (staff), Katie Bogacki (staff), Callie Eggert (staff), Sarah Gilberd (staff), Maria Giridharan (staff), Carmen Nater (staff), Jayne O’Donnell (staff), Courtney Srum (staff), Amy Valley (parent), Natashia Waramit (staff)

Graham Elementary (7) Sharon Cody (staff), Jennifer Crawford (staff), Jennifer Kammer (staff), Stephanie Melone (staff), Megan Rogers (staff), Amy Vasquez (staff), Kate Wallace (staff)

Granger Middle School (5) Jason Dyhouse (staff), Lan Eberle (staff family), Kelly Senf (staff), Sean Senf (staff family), Mary Wiora (staff)

Gregory Middle School (9) Katherine Battle (staff), Esther Bevan (staff), Amy Delves (staff), Michelle Leibfried (staff), Mia,Olaszek (staff), Nicholas Park (staff), Kevin Reagan (staff), Eric Reid (alumni), Sandy Villarreal (staff)

Hill Middle School (13) Kelly Clark (parent), Ann Cotner (parent), Ryan Cotner (student), Sarah Cotner (student), Erin Cox (parent), Michael Cox (student), Alice Crank (student), Shawn Courtney (parent), Maya Courtney-Castro (student), Lindsay Harmon (parent), Ben Kalnicky (parent), Naomi Krodel (staff), Beth Piccininni (staff), Julie Ridgeway (staff), Rebecca Yonan (parent)

Kendall Elementary (10) Kristy Brown (staff), Laura Farrell (staff), Pete Gleason (parent), Rhonda Jenkins (staff), Amy Morton (staff), Ellie Palermo (student), Nicole Sharpe (staff), Courtney Sutter (staff)

Longwood Elementary (10) Linda Boddy (community), Joe Czajkowski (other), James Hinds (community), Malia Lee (staff), Robin Magers (staff), Elizabeth Pineda (community), Dara Pumphrey-Ruiz (parent), Adrianne Smith (community), James Sostak (community), Nancy Valenta (other)

McCarty Elementary (6) Reynolds Cross (staff), Michelle Doolan (other), Maria Guevara (parent), Aimee McCue (parent), Tina Santiago (parent), Nicole Tanhueco (parent)

Metea Valley High School (13) Daniel DeBruycker (staff), Aaron Haber (staff), Shira Isenberg (parent), Jack Kusumpa (student), Jim Kusumpa (parent), Billy MacLeod (student), Dawn Malartsik (parent), Jon Malartsik (parent), Nibu Nicklavose (parent), Miyako Ono (parent), Nicholas Ranson (student), Trudie Ranson (parent), Shrirang Telang (parent), Amy Weidner (parent)

Neuqua Valley High School (17) Brent Anderson (parent), Joann Buerstetta, (parent), Kerry Cahill (staff), Venu Cherukuri (parent), Lance Fuhrer (staff), Aaron Haber (staff), Kathryn Kreutzer (staff), Jonathan Lauff (staff), Julie Many (staff), Poikaipakkam Murali (parent), Mike O'Toole (staff), Aparna Pai (community), Harish Pai (community), Nick Palmer (parent), Gina Reese-Wesseln (staff), Dave Scriven-Young (parent), Melissa Wilson (staff family)

Owen Elementary (18) Jennifer Bennett (parent), Deanna Bingham (staff), Cody Columbus (staff family), Frannie Conrad (staff), Sara Dreyer (staff), James Glasgow (staff family), Jillian Glasgow (staff family), Heather Klassen (staff), Aidan (Lex) McDonald (student), Alex McDonald (student), Andrew McDonald (student), Kristin McDonald (parent), Raghu Nagar (parent), Allison Sawyer (staff), Kristen Shafron (staff), Piyush Swain (parent), Elizabeth Vlcek (staff), Victoria Vlcek (staff family)

Patterson Elementary (2) Kathleen Coffey (staff), Keith Rocero (staff family)

Peterson Elementary (4) Cindy Bradley (parent), Sienna Bradley (student), Stefanie Harrison (parent), Gopinath Kartheesan (parent)

Prairie Children Preschool (12) Katherine Baughman (staff), Kristine Black (staff), Lisa Cipriano (staff), Kara Dendrinos (staff), Mindy Donovan (staff), Jennifer Lessen (staff), Kayla Lindow (staff), Bernice Munoz (staff), David Munoz (staff family), Christine Perks (other), Sally Osborne, (staff), Cyndi Rice (staff)

Scullen Middle School (16) April Altott (staff), Jennifer Cushing (staff), Laura Georgias (staff), Supna Jain (other), Vihaan Jain (student), Cate Loughrige (staff family), Scott Loughrige (staff), Jennifer Michael (parent), Preston Michael (student), Aaron Mueller (staff), Beth Parker (staff), Karthika Pillai (student), Monica Ploger (staff), Preethy Prabhakaran (parent), Jasan Premkumar (student), Christopher Scheid (staff)

Spring Brook Elementary (3) Alan Burchardt (parent), Kim Dolan (staff), Kerry Klaeren (staff)

Steck Elementary (3) Kristen Flanders (staff), Nancy Fister (staff), Monika Kelly (staff)

STEPS (3) Sheri Baumgartner (staff), Laurie Donahue (community), Maggie Durkin (staff)

Still Middle School (5) Stephanie Burdiak (staff), Robert Glickman (parent), Priya Nair (student), Tina Ortinau (staff), Ted Zimmerman (staff family)

Watts Elementary (8) Karen Altekruse (community), Glen Castro (parent), Sarah Charles (parent), Leah Courtney-Castro (student), Katie Drone (staff), Jenny King (community), Katie Meyers (staff), (Amy Schultz (staff)

Waubonsie Valley High School (25) Carl Armstrong (staff), Tom Baumgartner (staff), Latoya Campbell (parent), AJ Collier (community), Catey Genc (parent), Joshua Genc (student), Peighton Genc (student), Tim Genc (parent), Jennifer Hains (parent), Jacqueline Hill (staff), Vinaya Premkumar (student), Muna Ramadan (parent), Patrick Ramer (student), Roy Ramer (parent), Amy Ramer Holmes (parent), Jason Schmidtgall (staff), Stephen Spinelli (staff), Jason Stipp (staff), Terry Sullivan (other), Kelly Talaga (parent)Ryan VanKampen (staff), Michelle Wicyk (staff), Anthony Yench (community), Zachary Yench (alumni), James Zatloukal (community), Mya Zatloukal (student)

Welch Elementary (7) Carrie Blaine (parent), Arnab Bose (parent), Jamie Garcia (staff), Liam Quitian (student), Logan Quitian (student), Vijay Ramanathan (community), Lety Soto Quitian (parent)

White Eagle Elementary (5) Joyce Ojeiwa (parent), Aparna Sarkar (student), Arindam Sarkar (parent), Aveek Sarkar (student), Poornima Sarkar (parent)

Young Elementary (3) Madhu Bevini (parent), Karina Lebensorger (staff), Catherine Ng (parent)

District 204 (5) Kevin Carter (staff family), Michelle Carter (staff), Jeannie Dina (staff), Allison Fosdick (staff), Adrian Talley (staff)