Student Health & Success

Student Health & Success

Students cannot learn and thrive if they face obstacles to their health and well-being. IPSD204 works to remove such obstacles, with ongoing support from IPEF.

The most visible program is the biennial cardiac screening of high school students. But there is an array of programs focused on overcoming emotional, developmental and economic obstacles that affect our district’s most vulnerable ‘at-risk’ students.  Explore these important programs and find the ones that can benefit your child or that you would like to help support.

Cardiac Screenings

“One simple test that took five minutes saved my life.”

 – Chris Storm, WVHS Graduate

Every week, sudden cardiac death claims the lives of 60 young adults in the US. Sadly, three such deaths had occurred in IPSD204 high schools. Starting in 2009, IPSD204 brought the Young Hearts for Life® (YH4L) program to all district high schools. Every other year, IPEF assists the YH4L program in offering free cardiac screening to all high school students, so that students can be screened twice during their four years of high school.

Over 34,000 heart screens have been provided to IPSD204 students. The result: 380 students have been advised by board-certified cardiologists to seek further review with their personal care physician and, each year, at least one principal has received a letter stating how this program was responsible for saving a student’s life.

Providing electrocardiograms (ECGs) to 6000 students is a significant undertaking, requiring equipment, a staff of cardiac and healthcare specialists, and over 500 community volunteers. Because IPEF assists with the costs of these screening events, we seek both funding partners for our foundation and site volunteers for upcoming screening years.

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YH4L Program in IPSD204 – 2016


Chris Storm: YH4L Saved My Life


YH4L at Metea Valley – 2019

YH4L Program in IPSD204 – 2016

Chris Storm: YH4L Saved My Life

YH4L at Metea Valley – 2016

Premier Partner

Edward-Elmhurst Health has been an invaluable partner, funding a substantial portion of YH4L screening programs in all of the district’s high schools since 2011.

Cardiac Screening Dates

YH4L cardiac screenings have returned for the 2022-2023 school year!

  • Birkett Freshman Center – 1/24/23
  • Neuqua Valley High School – 1/31/23
  • Metea Valley High School – 2/7/23
  • Waubonsie Valley High School – 4/25/23

Volunteers are always needed, and appreciated:

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Partner With IPEF!

Thank you to International Paper for helping us to fund the 2023 heart screenings at our three high schools!


IPEF is proud to assist with the costs associated with these life-saving heart screening events. Please partner with us in this important endeavor and help IPEF by making a donation to our foundation today!

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Kid Essentials Fund

In partnership with Indian Prairie School District 204, the Indian Prairie Educational Foundation (IPEF) established the Kid Essentials Fund in the Fall of 2017 to support the immediate needs of homeless and low-income students.

Prior to the fund being established, the school district had encountered countless stories of students in need not having basic necessities. Many of these students have challenging situations because their physical and/or emotional needs aren’t being met, which impedes their academic success. The fund is utilized when there is no other resource available for support. Oftentimes, relatively minimal financial assistance is needed to support the student(s) or their family.

The 2022-2023 school year marks the sixth year this fund has been available to support our students. Over the last five years we have received grant funding, community support, and private donations to provide ongoing support for our most vulnerable student population. The fund typically supports food, transportation, clothing, and shelter for families who otherwise would not have support in these areas.

Requests for funds are received through social workers, principals, and the district’s homeless liaison. A multi-tiered approval process is in place to ensure that needs are being met appropriately, efficiently, and in a timely manner.

The Indian Prairie Educational Foundation and District 204 are grateful for all contributions to the Kid Essentials Fund. It has been an incredible resource for our students and families when they have nowhere else to turn. Please help us help our most vulnerable students.

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Back on Track Counseling

“I’ve learned more self-control. I can handle myself better and I’m making better decisions.”

 – High School Back on Track Student

Focused social/emotional and mental health support is crucial for a growing number of IPSD204 students. Why? In the last 10 years, the number of economically disadvantaged students in the district has tripled. These students experience significant stress and often struggle both academically and socially. 

IPSD204 and Naperville-based 360 Youth Services together developed the Back on Track program to help this at-risk population. Used at the high school and middle school levels, it has proven highly successful in helping students identify and counteract self-defeating attitudes and behaviors. It gives them a ‘tool kit’ for dealing successfully with their situations, their peers and the purpose of school.

Back on Track provides individualized assessment and counseling to students, at school, so as to avoid obstacles of availability, cost, transportation. Students are referred into Back on Track by deans and social workers, but the shear numbers cannot be served by the school staff, therefore, the counseling is provided by 360 Youth Services case managers.

This approach has proven very effective in reducing absences/truancy and out-of-school suspensions. It is literally turning young lives around. IPEF is committed to supporting Back on Track, but we need funding partners to meet that commitment.

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Back on Track Sponsors

Back on Track Video


Valley Runway

“This means so much to me! It’s created such a positive idea about prom now!”

 – IPSD204 High School Senior

IPSD204’s Valley Runway program began in 2016 as an IPEF Teacher Grant to promote the confidence and self-esteem of financially challenged high school women by making it possible for them to attend their school’s formal social events.. Yes, high school prom is an important rite of passage, but it is also a surprisingly expensive affair.

The Valley Runway team collects and stores gently used formal dresses and purchases hard-to-fit sizes at a discount. It also purchases shoes, purses and accessories to complete the girl’s ensemble, and now arranges for men’s tuxedo rentals at a discount. The team schedules fittings prior to the formal dances and, volunteers go the extra mile to make sure each student looks fabulous for their big night.

We might take Homecoming and Prom for granted, but they are financially out-of-reach for too many students. Thanks to the generosity of Valley Runway sponsors, over 100 lower income students a year can now be included, and confident, alongside their classmates at these memorable functions.

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Valley Runway – 2016

Valley Runway – 2016

Premier Partner

The Rotary Club of Naperville and Naperville Rotary Charities have ‘adopted’ the Valley Runway program, holding special fundraiser events for which all proceeds go to Valley Runway.


Valley Runway – 2017

Valley Runway – 2017

The SMILE project

“SMILE Project is a great opportunity for students like me because it forces you out of your comfort zone.”

 – Metea Valley High School Student

IPEF is pleased to support IPSD 204’s SMILE program. SMILE stands for Students, Mentors, Internships with Local Employers . The program gives high school sophomores and juniors from underserved families summer internships with local businesses and non-profits. The internships give these students opportunities to realize their potential, develop a work ethic, and make positive choices for their futures.

SMILE Project was pioneered by DuPage Unitarian Universalist Church, which recruits the participating businesses and helps administer the program. SMILE is a model collaboration between familes, school and community in which everyone benefits. IPEF Board Member Kim White mentored a student as a SMILE sponsor and observed,”You have a young mind who’s ready to take in everything. They’re learning so much: how to treat people; hands-on, real-world experience; how to be a team player; the importance of showing up on time.

IPEF is seeking area businesses and non-profits interested in sponsoring student interns, at no cost to the sponsor, as well as funding for each students’ $600 internship stipend.

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