STEM Enrichment

STEM Robotics

Competitive Robotics teaches students skills such as electro-mechanics, problem solving, physics, and coding, and makes it fun! It’s a great ‘hands-on’ introduction to engineering principles involving design, prototyping, and testing. Just as important, it teaches students time management, logic, teamwork, and how to accept both failure and success.

Nearly 750 students in grades 4-12 participate annually in IPSD 204’s STEM robotics clubs. IPEF and its key partners fund the program’s equipment and software purchases, travel, and tournament expenses. But we need to do more:

  • Some elementary schools are still without clubs.
  • Clubs turn away more students than they accept due to limited space.
  • We want to hold more tournaments for students.
Interested in STEM Robotics?

Premier Partner

In 2015, the Dunham Fund matched ‘2 for 1’ each dollar IPEF raised for STEM programs. $165,000 was raised in total, helping to fund a district-wide expansion of our STEM robotics clubs.


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The STEM Robotics program has ongoing expenses of new and replacement equipment, tournaments, and travel. We also wish to add clubs to more elementary schools and expand participation in existing clubs. Help us reach these goals:

WVHS Competes at Championship


High School Robotics

STEM Projects and Pilot Programs

This is the eclectic collection of smaller IPSD 204 STEM projects that IPEF has supported over the years. And while they may be small in budget, they are big in their reach:

  • E-Sports at the high school and middle school levels
  • Elementary and middle school STEM Family Nights
  • Makerspaces and 3D printing in school libraries
  • Coding clubs
  • Girls in Engineering, Math, & Science (GEMS)
  • Digital Storytelling

Although some programs such as E-Sports need yearly funding, many of these are pilot programs that just need one-time ‘seed funding’ to get started until they become self-sustaining.

These diverse programs are supported through IPEF’s general fund. Help us keep them going:

STEM Project 1
STEM Project 2
STEM Project 3