Partners Make All The Difference

Who are IPEF’s partners? They are the companies, philanthropic organizations and generous families and individuals who commit to supporting the children of IPSD204 through substantial contributions to IPEF programs, year after year. These partners direct their funds to specific IPEF programs that most closely align with their goals, or make ‘unrestricted’ contributions for IPEF to allocate to the programs that need it most.  These are but a few examples:

  • The Dunham Fund matched ‘2 for 1’ each dollar IPEF raised for STEM in 2015. Result: $165,000 for Robotics, PLTW and other STEM programs.
  • Charles Rutenberg Realty began sponsoring TEAM IPEF in 2015 and was the presenting sponsor from 2017-2021, contributing nearly $50,000 in all.
  • Edward Elmhurst Health has been a sponor of IPSD204’s Young Hearts for Life cardiac screening since 2011, recently funding up to 40% of YHFL costs.
  • Top Golf has made substantial ‘in-kind’ donations of facilities, food (and yes, golf) by hosting TEAM IPEF’s annual kick-off and pre-raceday events.
  • Wells Fargo Advisors began their support of the A+ Awards in 2014 and have continued every year since, contributing over $85,000 in total.

Achieve Your Goals Through IPEF

The organizations and individuals that partner with IPEF do so because they want to support K-12 students in their community. Whether it’s advancing STEM education, the arts, or helping at-risk students, our partners know that IPEF programs are effective and efficient: partner contributions earmarked for a specific program go 100% to that program – they’re not reduced by overhead or expenses.

Our partners do not contribute to receive promotional consideration, nevertheless, we share with IPSD204’s 20,000 families and 3100 employees how our partners are helping them. That sharing takes the form of social media posts, displays at pertinent events, and acknowledgement on this web site.

Start A Partnership Today

We invite you to contact IPEF to explore how we can help you achieve your goals for giving back to the community. We seek sustaining partners who will help support a program for more than one academic year, and even modest contributions are welcome.

And because IPEF is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization, all partner donations are fully tax deductible.

 Begin A Partnership With IPEF ❤