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March A+ Award Winner

March A+ Award Winner

The Indian Prairie Educational Foundation (IPEF) and District 204 proudly honor Fallyn Liesch, a Reading Specialist at Cowlishaw Elementary School, with the March A+ Award. You can watch the A+ Award team’s surprise visit to recognize Mrs. Liesch for “Making a Difference” at March A+ Award Video.

Mrs. Liesch was nominated for the A+ Award this year by a current Cowlishaw parent who has asked to remain anonymous. When her daughter was placed in Mrs. Liesch’s reading intervention program towards the end of first grade, she was reading below grade level, and transcoding letters into sounds was slow and painstaking. Doing daily reading homework for her was a struggle that would often end in tears. After working with Mrs. Liesch, reading lessons became the most anticipated part of her school day. This parent describes Mrs. Liesch as passionate and kind, writing, “Not only is she an expert in teaching struggling readers the skills each of them needed, but she is also an expert in motivating students, keeping their interest, and creating a community of learners.”

This is Mrs. Liesch’s twentieth year working in District 204. She has also worked at Welch Elementary and Fry Elementary. “I was very surprised this morning!” said Mrs. Liesch after winning the A+ Award. “I learn from my students as much as they learn from me on a daily basis. This is a great place to work!”

IPEF is proud to sponsor the A+ Award in its 10th year. You can nominate a staff member by visiting A+ Award.